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Horsebox Insurance

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Shearwater is uniquely placed to understand the needs of every horsebox owner, our horsebox team has over 20 years experience in the horsebox and trailer market.  Our Horsebox policies are provided by some of the best-known names in UK insurance industry and are some of the most competitive and comprehensive in the market, and because of our industry standing we have been able to negotiate some of the best deals not available anywhere else to the general public. Please call us for a quotation and we will be happy to discuss the best option for your individual needs.

We have a wide range of horsebox insurance options available to our clients. We offer fully comprehensive and third party, fire and theft policies which can cater for individuals using their vehicle for "Social, Domestic & Pleasure" and/or "Business Use" including "Hire & Reward" and "Self Drive Hire". Call us for a quotation or complete our online quote submission form to recieve your quote.

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We at Shearwater have been servicing the needs of our clients for over 20 years now and would be delighted to provide you with a low costs no obligation quotation as well as demonstrate the high level of service that you would expect to see from a leading insurance broker. Please call and enquire for any of the below:

Please note this list is by no means exhaustive and should your particular requirement not appear here please call to enquire.

  • Horsebox
  • Trailers
  • HGVs

Please note all quotations provided are subject to underwriting criteria, terms and conditions

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Shearwater Horsebox Insurance is specifically designed for all owners of horseboxes and trailers. We have competitive insurance policies for all drivers and all types horseboxes.

Cover available:

  • Comprehensive
  • Third Party, Fire & Theft


The price you will pay for your policy depends on the type of use, value of your vehicle, number of drivers and also any previous claims or convictions.

  • Fully comprehensive policies start from £190.80 including insurance premium tax
  • Third Party, Fire & Theft available at upon request


  • Excesses vary depending on the value of the individual horsebox but typically start from £100 and raise to £500

  • Horsebox Windscreen excess is normally £75

Key Features:

  • Horsebox Breakdown Cover including Home/Yard Start available
  • Limited Mileage Horsebox Policies available
  • Any Driver over 25 year old as standard
  • HGVs Covered
  • Mirrored No Claims Bonus available
  • Young Driver Cover available
  • Legal Expenses
  • Flexible payment options available
  • In-House Claims Support when you need it most 

Please note all quotations provided are subject to underwriting criteria, terms and conditions

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Policies vary from insurer to insurer however introductory and  no claims discounts are available to clients who have had no claims for 4+ years.

Please contact the office for a quotation you may be surprised at how much you really could save!

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In the event that you may need to make a claim, even if you are unsure that the incident will lead to a claim, it is vital to notify the office as soon as possible after the incident has occurred.

UK Telephone: 01992 707155

With Shearwater we are always on call to help and we know that an incident does not always occur Monday to Friday 9-5. That is why a member is staff is on call outside of office hours to offer advice and support whenever you need it

At Shearwater we have dedicated claims handlers who are your first port of call in the event of an incident. As soon as we have checked that your claim is covered by your policy, we will get the process moving.

In all cases we look to deal with your claim as quickly and efficiently as possible and will keep you informed of our progress.

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"Just wanted to drop you a line and say a big thank you for the excellent response to our horsebox breakdown in Durham"

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Shearwater is uniquely placed to understand the needs of every horse owner, every member of the Equestrian Team owns their own horse and/or has additional experience within the equestrian world. We
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