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This policy means we can cover stock on a cost price basis or allow up to 30% if you were to sell the stock for a higher price than you sourced it. This is different to a retailer’s policy where your claim could be settled on a new for old basis, which as you will know this is just not possible with antiques.

Your business may specialise in a particular area of interest, whether its porcelain, furniture, art, china, gold etc or you could have a combination of stock, therefore we have carefully selected rates to reflect the different antique areas.

Below we have outlined some elements of the type of policy that we can offer …

  • Cover for stock in a bank or safe deposit
  • Cover for stock at exhibitions and / or antique fairs can be included at no extra charge
  • Cover for stock in transit. Theft from unattended vehicles whilst travelling to/from fairs can also be included with no additional charge to allow for toilet breaks and refuelling stops.
  • Cover for stock at any one location other than the insured premises
  • Cover for stock at restorers or repairers or whilst on loan to clients
  • Cover for postal sending’s (can include USA & Canada if required)
  • Cover for all other contents belonging to the insured at their premises.
  • Business interruption
  • Cover for money whilst in transit, in bank night safes and on bank premises, in the residence of a partner, director or employee of the insured, in the insured premises, at antique fairs or exhibitions
  • Defective title or the existence of a charge of encumbrance over the goods which was not known to, or could not have been discovered by, you or your agent before the goods were purchased
  • Fidelity guarantee cover for loss of money or property as a result of fraud or dishonesty of an employee
  • Shop front glass – cover for breakage of shop front glass including the costs of boarding up and damage to stock displayed in the window
  • Forged and stolen cheques – cover for financial loss due to the acceptance of forged or stolen cheques, credit cards or other negotiable monies.

Alongside the above our policy automatically extends to include petty pilfering provided that such pilfering is noticed and advised to underwriters within 48 hours of the occurrence.

Find out exactly what Shearwater has to offer in terms of Antiques Insurance on our dedicated pages.

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