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Kylie Roddy - Shearwater Insurance

To insure or not to insure? That is the question.  The costs of owning horses spiral upwards without the cost of insuring, but can you cover the unexpected costs should the worst happen? Some insurances are mandatory, but others are optional, do you know which policies you need?


Horse Insurance

Having horse insurance is a way of limiting your financial burden should your horse become ill or injured. Different policies will offer different levels of cover and different benefits.  Getting a policy that suits your own needs and personal situation is key. 

Key policy areas to consider are:

  • vets’ fees cover – providing cover for vets’ fees in the event of an accident or injury.Insurers will offer a variety of vets’ fees limits and variable excesses to suit your needs.
  • Mortality - provides cover should the worst happen and your horse either dies or has to be destroyed due to an accident, illness or disease.
  • Theft and straying - can provide financial support for trying to locate you horse, and if not found within a certain time frame it could also pay the sum insured or market value of the horse.

Policy add ons such as Public Liability, protecting you should your horse damage or injury a third party, or tack insurance could be worthy additions for little expense. Consider whether you could afford to replace items should they get stolen or whether you can afford compensation costs should a clam be made against you.


Horsebox Insurance

Like any other motor vehicle, horsebox insurance is a legal requirement in order to drive on UK roads.  What may seem like a straightforward policy has a number of aspects to consider.  You may only ever move your own horses, but if there’s some financial incentive involved, you’ll need a Business Use policy. This generally applies to trainers and professional riders, who will take their horses out to compete for significant prize money.

If you ever find yourself moving someone else’s horse for payment, you’ll need a Hire & Reward policy. This isn’t limited just to transporters – it’s also valid for livery yard owners or similar if they use their lorry primarily in this capacity.


Personal Accident Insurance

Anything involving horses comes with inherent risks so, having a robust policy in place is essential.  It is important to note that whilst many governing bodies have an element of Personal Accident in their membership these are policies of last resort and often do not provide an effective level of cover.  Riders should look to a policy that provides lump sum pay-outs for certain injuries, along with monthly income support whilst you’re out of action.


Care, Custody & Control

If you look after or handle other people’s horses, such as running a liver yard or having a livery or two to keep your horse company, you’ll want to consider Care, Custody and Control.  This policy will offer you protection should one of your charges become injured through your negligence.

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