Home Sweet Home - 10% Off Household Insurance

Home insurance is one of life’s unavoidable costs, but could working with an experienced insurance broker who can handle all of your personal, commercial and equestrian insurance matters be a win win situation? A broker is legally bound to give you the best available policy and pricing, let us take the strain and stress out of searching for the right insurance policy.

Equestrian & Country Homes

When you were looking for your home, was it all about price?  For most, there’s so much more to finding the right home than price.  The same can be said for insurance.  As much as insurance brokers, like Shearwater, are legally bound to provide you with the best policy pricing available to them, they also have the breadth of knowledge that allows them to provide a policy that meets your needs – spanning the gap between personal and equestrian insurance.

With time taken to understand what makes your home special, an experienced broker can produce a policy that provides buildings cover for your home, and associated outbuildings and stables, all under one policy.

Tack Covered as Contents

Contents insurance is often covered separately from the building itself.  Standard Home Insurance will provide cover for the building, fixtures and fittings.  Whereas, Contents Insurance will offer cover in the event of theft, loss and/or damage for individual possessions.  As a general rule of thumb, contents are classed as anything that could be picked up and moved to a new home, such as jewellery, electronics and most importantly for our equestrian clients saddlery.

It is little wonder that theft of saddlery and tack is rife.  These items may be small but they’re expensive.  Should they be damaged or stolen, getting you back in the saddle as soon as possible is the main priority.  Savings can be found by adding expensive items of saddlery to your household insurance policy rather than adding them onto horse insurance policies. With worldwide and all risks cover available on contents, your saddle could be covered both at home and away.

Your Horse's Home

With home insurance being an obvious choice insurance for you horse’s home should be too.  Far more than just a shelter, your stables are the epicentre of feeding, training and caring for your equine friends.  With insurance available to cover the stable buildings, and equipment housed within them, for fire, theft, malicious damage, flood and storm, the costs to replace would far out weight the costs to insure.

Specialist Cover

Homes of non-standard construction, or of a specialist nature will often require specialist insurance, such as thatched buildings and listed properties.

Specialist High Net Worth Insurance is also available, designed to protect homes and possessions of a higher value, giving you the protection where you need it most.

Ready to discuss your customisable and comprehensive insurance options? Call the Shearwater team to chat to an experienced advisor who understands the unique requirements of your equestrian life.  Don't forget to ask for your 10% OFF new Household policies.  01992 367112