Is your tack safe?

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As the nights begin to draw in and the darker days are upon us it is important to know that your tack and belongings are being kept as safe as possible. As we all know tack can be accumulated over many years and can hold a great amount of sentimental value, as well as actual value. Having it stolen is not only a huge inconvenience but it can be really hard to also replace all of the items that fit so well!

Alongside all the inconvenience there is also the cost of replacing the valuable items, so it is always advisable to ensure you have your equipment covered via insurance. This can be added to an existing policy or be done as a stand alone item. You can protect your items in the event that your equipment is accidentally damaged, lost, stolen or destroyed and some policies can also offer coverage for items such as rugs and boots.

It is important that when taking out insurance on your saddlery and tack you are clear on what is covered in your policy and where and how your items should be stored. Often there are specific terms and conditions which must be adhered to.

As always taking precautions and be vigilant is the best way to help to keep your items safe. Below we have put some top tips for you to consider.

  • Keep a record of all your valuable items and any proof of identification
  • Take photos of any expensive or unusual items
  • Ensure all items are security marked – have a look for your local Horsewatch groups who can help with the setting up of the marking
  • Fit deadlock bolts on tack room doors and bars on the windows where possible
  • Regularly check your doors and windows for anything out of the ordinary or to see if anything has been moved or tampered with
  • Doors with weak hinges can be an easy access point for robberies so ensure these are made as secure as possible
  • Installing CCTV, sensory lights and alarms can act as a good deterrent
  • Control access to your yard with secure gates and padlocks
  • Tack lockers inside tack rooms can offer another form of protection

english saddle

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