Keeping A Weather Eye On Insurance

As summer begins to fade our attentions once again turn to preparing ourselves for Winter.  With the great British weather ‘it never rains but it pours’ and now is the time to make preparations to weather the storm ahead. 

In 2019, the average UK claim for flooding to properties rose to an average of £70,000 per claim.  With Winter weather seemingly getting wetter each year, and one of the wettest Summers, is your property up to scratch to withstand what mother nature has to throw at it? 

With this in mind, the Shearwater Insurance team offer key advice and policy insights to help protect your investment, and should the worst happen, give your claim the best chance of being accepted.


Minimise The Risk

Units and containers, commonly used as tack, feed and rug rooms, are more likely to be affected by water damage to the roof, given their flat nature.  Most buildings insurance policies will require flat roofs to have regular maintenance, and evidence of having them checked, at least once every 2-years.  Now is the time to complete the pre-winter checks and add additional weather proofing should it be required.

Whilst preparing stables for horses to return from their fields, check the gutters and drains to ensure they are clear of blockages. Having drainage as a means of risk mitigation is not enough on its own.  If they can’t function properly this could invalidate insurance.  Make sure they are cleaned regularly, at least twice per year.


Safety First

Regular electrical maintenance is strongly recommended to minimise the risk of any electrical fires. With may equestrian buildings being of timber construction, and the prevalence on feed and forage, they are typically an increased fire risk. These can be exacerbated by storm damage, such as lightning strikes or water entering perished electrical cables.


Specialist Protection

Mitigating the risk is key but should the worst happen ensure you have adequate cover for your investment with specialist equestrian property insurance. Specialist cover is available for your home and your horse’s home too. A standard household policy is not designed for the non-standard nature of an equestrian property and therefore tends to only offer limited protection.

Equestrian policy wording is tailored and designed to take into account that the horses are the main residents of the property. In the event of items such as show jumps, feed, hay, bedding and tack being damaged or stolen, the financial consequences could be disastrous if adequate cover is not held – not to mention the inconvenience, so by using a specific equestrian insurer you can have peace of mind that your equestrian lifestyle is protected.

Don’t let the great British weather rain on your parade this year – protect your hard work, your investment and minimise the risk where possible.

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