Weather The Storm

With winter approaching and undoubtedly some storms on the horizon, how can you weather the storm?

Data shows that storms are one of the most common perils, with rain and wind likely to cause the most damage to both property and vehicles.


Whether you're securing equestrian buildings, commercial property or your home, it is time to get ready for the incoming storm.

- Inspect your roof – is it in good condition? Check for loose tiles and make sure your TV aerial is secure.

- Check all gutters and drain pipes are clean to avoid blockages.

- Inspect your trees and trim any branches that could crash down during a storm and damage your home.

- Remind yourself how to turn off your gas, electric and water supplies just in case.

- Store away any garden or outdoor items and keep sheds, garages and fences properly secured.


- Park your vehicle under cover and, if possible, on an elevated spot;
if you have to park outside, keep it away from debris, trees and buildings.

• Use hail covers to prevent or reduce damage; blankets are also an option but be sure to secure them with strong duct tape.

• Fuel up before a storm hits in case you need to leave in a rush.

• Disconnect the battery – this will help protect your vehicle’s electricals if it gets waterlogged.

• Avoid driving into flooded areas; if you have to do it as a last resort, check the water depth and look out for hazards such as floating debris or downed power lines. You shouldn’t attempt to drive through moving water more than four inches deep and six inches for standing water.

If your car’s flooded:

• let anything mechanical or electrical dry completely before trying to start it;

• open all doors and use a vacuum, fan or heater to help it dry if needed;

• drain the existing fluids and replace them with new ones before starting your motor;

• replace your air filter;

• get your vehicle serviced.

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