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Working from home may be a new concept for many however, being alone doesn't necessarily mean that you're on your own.  Working from home also doesn't mean productivity should drop and business should stop.  Millions of workers and businesses thrive from home working situations.

We've put together some helpful advice to help you adapt to a new home working environment.

Create a Workspace

By creating a dedicated working area you can continue to separate work and home life, or you can simply have an area to work more productively in.

Try to find an area in your home where you can use a table or a desk, that has natural light and access to fresh air.  Natural light helps boost Vitamin D and helps ward of seasonal depression, whilst also reducing the health risks of fluorescent lighting.

Having access to fresh air will help boost energy and keep the mind sharper. If you don't want the window open or don't have that option, try taking 5 minutes outside every hour or so.

Create a Playlist

Turn the television off and put some music on.

According to studies, 79% of people can boost their productivity by listening to music.  Having background music can also help to reduce stress, increase focus and improve your mood.

For those that living on their own, music can also help prevent the loneliness with another voice in the background.

Create a Virtual Office

Many businesses and workers thrive by working as a team.  Just because you are now working in isolation doesn't mean the team work needs to stop.

Download software such as Microsoft Teams, Zoom or even create a team WhatsApp or Facebook Group.  You want to create an easy to use space where you and your team can have a conversation, to support each other, without taking you away from work.  Talking to colleagues on the phone is great for a morale boost but it isn't always the most productive way forward.  Keep the phone lines open for clients and customers and work with your own team via online means.

Get Dressed

Working from home doesn't mean sitting in your pyjamas all day.

Getting washed and dressed is all part of keeping a sense of normality.  Pick some comfortable clothes to work in, being comfortable helps with productivity, however we also need to create the right mindset for working.

Make a Schedule

For most businesses the opportunity to work from home brings with it the opportunity for more flexible working hours - starting a little earlier, finishing later, weekend work etc.

At the start of each day make a plan for the day, including when you intend to take breaks.  Communicate this to you team and support each other.

Get Effective Cover

Check your home insurance policy, household insurance can go some way to covering your business equipment but not all. It won’t cover the more high tech audiovisual items for example, or should anyone need to visit your home for business purposes, or employees.

Protect your finances in the event of having to pay out for a new computer if the dog pulls it off the table, or compensation if a business visitor scalds themselves e.g. on a too-hot-tap that you were aware of but forgot to warn others about?

If you’re self employed and running your business from home, it’s up to you to make sure you’re adequately covered. Of course, if you come to us at Shearwater, we discuss this with you.

Business equipment and personal accident are additional cover options that we always take into consideration when arranging a working from home insurance policy.

Our team can offer independent advice around the level of cover you need while working from home, before sourcing a home business insurance policy to suit. Call the team today on 01992 707316

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