News December 13, 2021

Equestrian Winter Woes

You’ve topped up your hay stores, reproofed your rug collection, and bought your horse an advent calendar (don’t worry, we won’t judge) – but have you done an audit of your insurance policies to ensure they’re ready for the colder months, too?

News November 26, 2021

Weather The Storm

With the Met Office advising that Storm Arwen is on the way, how can you weather the storm?

Data shows that storms are one of the most common perils, with rain and wind likely to cause the most damage to both property and vehicles.


News October 28, 2021

Shearwater Steps Down From British Dressage Young Horse Sponsorship

After over two decades of support for the British Dressage Young Horse Championships, Shearwater Insurance has retired their sponsorship of the prestigious series.

The series, that supports the early careers of four, five and six-year-old horses, has heralded the start of international Grand Prix careers for the likes of Valegro and Uthopia who both notably rode to Olympic glory in 2012. 

News October 5, 2021

Keeping A Weather Eye On Insurance

As summer begins to fade our attentions once again turn to preparing ourselves for Winter.  With the great British weather ‘it never rains but it pours’ and now is the time to make preparations to weather the storm ahead. 

In 2019, the average UK claim for flooding to properties rose to an average of £70,000 per claim.  With Winter weather seemingly getting wetter each year, and one of the wettest Summers, is your property up to scratch to withstand what mother nature has to throw at it? 

With this in mind, the Shearwater Insurance team offer key advice and policy insights to help protect your investment, and should the worst happen, give your claim the best chance of being accepted.

News September 21, 2021

Shearwater Insurance British Dressage Young Horse Championships 2021

Once again the Young Horse Finals drew a capacity crowd on the final day of the 2021 British Dressage National Championships.  All eyes were on the best 4, 5 and 6-year-old dressage horses in the country.  Three young horses stood head and shoulders about the rest, all with three key attributes, all had an impressive hind leg, all showed trainability and all three were black and extremely eye catching.

News September 20, 2021

Considerations for Horse Buyers

Buying a new horse is an exciting time as well as being a huge financial commitment.  Factoring in on-running and unexpected costs should play a key part of your buying decision and budgeting to ensure that a horse, or an additional horse, is an affordable acquisition. Costs can rapidly spiral out of control and cause significant stress and worry for owners, whether it be in connection to feeding, clothing, training or providing veterinary care for your animal.  Here our equine team share their advice on ways of limiting your financial burden when buying a new horse.

Horse insurance by Shearwater Insurance
News September 10, 2021

Protection For Your Equestrian Life

Just the same as our own homes stable yards come in all shapes and sizes, from two pony boxes in the garden, to homemade livery yards, to the palatial surroundings of 5* facilities.  As the epicentre of your equestrian life, having the right level of insurance cover in place is key to not only protect your investment but to ensure than any downtime following a disaster is minimised.  Here our equestrian insurance team share their advice on what essential insurance cover could look like.

horsebox and horse transporter insurance from shearwater insurance
News August 27, 2021

Keeping The Show On The Road

With the Summer show season in full swing riders and owners alike are spending more time on the road.  Travelling horses often raises several questions, from what type of insurance is needed, and what should I do in the event of a breakdown? The Shearwater equine motoring team tackle some of our your most frequently asked questions in relation to travel.

News June 1, 2021

Do I need horse insurance?

Owning a horse is a huge financial commitment, not only in the initial purchase but on a daily basis as well.  However, it can be the unforeseen costs that rapidly spiral out of control and cause significant stress and worry for owners.  Having horse insurance is a way of limiting your financial burden should your horse, or pony, suffer an illness or injury.  Here our industry experts break down the key areas of horse insurance.

Horse insurance by Shearwater Insurance
News May 1, 2021

Stress Free Stables Insurance

Insuring your equestrian property, and everything in it, shouldn’t be a stressful experience.  It can however be confusing knowing what is covered, what could be covered and how certain policies can work together. Shearwater Insurance, understand this niche market and the importance of getting equestrian property insurance tailored to meet your individual needs.


Here Shearwater’s specialist equine insurance brokers answer key questions regarding stables and equine property insurance, explaining the difference between equine specific and mainstream policies and why a tailored equine policy is best.

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