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Storming into the season with Sophie Hall

The past month seems to have absolutely flown by! We have had a busy schedule with both horses and I even had the opportunity to escape to Badminton Horse Trials and Ireland for Tattersall’s which were absolutely fantastic. The sun has been shining, despite the odd thunderstorm and we have finally seen more events going […]

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Daniel Bates - A Month I Won't Forget

Hello Everyone! Runner up Dan Bates in Shearwater Insurance Search for a Star competition letting you know about my month and what a month!! My Shearwater kit arrived in a box so big I could of climbed in it! It was amazing, navy, white and red and very professional looking now I just needed somewhere […]

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Finally Eventing With Shearwater Star Sophie Hall

Hi everyone, Sophie Hall here, Shearwater Insurance’s Search for a Star winner! Well it may seem like a lifetime ago already but wasn’t it amazing to see the sun this month?! Our brief heatwave saw everyone strip off and brave our holiday shorts in hope of getting some much needed Vitamin D. Our horses finally […]

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Shearwater's Search for a Star Daniel Bates - First solo canter

We catch up with Shearwater Insurance’s new star Daniel Wilson on what he has been up to over Easter Hello everyone, Hope you all had a fabulous Easter, I am still working my way through my eggs but I thought I’d give you an update of what I’ve been up too. After my first blog, […]

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Sophie Hall - Snow and a visit to Spain

Hi everyone, I hope you have all had a lovely Easter weekend with lots of egg hunting and chocolate indulging. I have no shame in admitting I have eaten my body weight in Easter eggs – poor Gus and George! Snow, snow, snow This month has been a bit of a frustrating one with the […]

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Shearwater Insurance form partnership with the EBA

Do you own a business but are unsure of the insurance you might need for it? Often as business owners we find ourselves so busy actually running and working for clients we don’t have time to stop and have a look at what our business might need. Shearwater Insurance has joined forces with the Equine […]

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Introducing Shearwater Search for a Star runner up Daniel Bates

Hello everyone, I think ive started to get over the shock at being named as runner up in the Shearwater Search for a Star competition so would like to tell you abit about myself.   My name is Daniel, I’m 18 years old and live in Staffordshire. I have been registered blind all of my […]

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The start of the season for Shearwater rider Flora Young

Shearwater sponsored rider Flora Young has headed out for her first event of the season and is already is experiencing the highs and lows of eventing ‘We took four horses to the EMDG ODE at Osberton, Lennie, owned by Kate Walters did a smart dressage of 30.5, topped off with a double clear to come 3rd, […]

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My First Blog as the Shearwater Search for a Star Winner 2018!

Hi everyone, I am still jumping up and down with excitement to have won the Shearwater Search for a Star competition – it most definitely has not sunk in that I am now writing my first blog!! I cannot even begin to thank Shearwater for what a huge difference this will make to my very […]

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Shearwater Insurance Find Their Star

Shearwater Insurance are thrilled to announce the winner of their Search for a Star competition as young event rider Sophie Hall. The competition was launched back in December 2017 as a chance to offer one rider the opportunity of a variety of support from Shearwater, including a £500 training bursary. After a huge amount of […]

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