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Daniel Bates - Growing in confidence

Hi everyone, I hope you’ve all been enjoying the sun? I am just letting you know what I’ve been up to in July. July has been a mad one on so many different levels with visits, new skills and just a overhaul in the way I’ve looked at my riding and the progression I am […]

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Sophie Hall - Championship Crazy

I hope you are all well and have had a brilliant time with your lovely horses over July. This month surely has been a busy one for us. After a very quiet June it is a shock to the system to have 3 events to report on for this blog (don’t worry I will try […]

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The second of our Young Horse Semi Final classes took place at Port Royal on the 18th July. The classes again featured a great selection of young and upcoming horses, with riders and owners all hoping to earn themselves a place in the final. This time the classes were judged by Andrea Smith and Paul […]

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Shearwater Young Horse Hartpury Finals

The first of our Young Horse Semi Final classes took place at Hartpury Festival of Dressage from 4th – 8th July. The classes were hotly contested with some top riders exhibiting their stars of the future. The different age were assessed by different judges with Susanne Baarup and Ferdi Eilberg watching the 4-Year-Old section, Elke […]

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Scorching Sunshine, Royal Ascot and the Road to Recovery for Gus

Hi everyone, This must be the sunniest summer in Britain to date! Whilst it really is so lovely to have some warm weather, I cannot help but secretly pray for some rain to help soften the ground a little bit. We have started keeping the horses in during the day and turning them out overnight […]

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Shearwater Young Horse Semi Finals 2018

This weekend is the start of our two semi-finals for the prestigious Shearwater Young Horse Finals. Over 75 horses will be assessed across three age sections before the top five horses in each age category scoring 7.0 or above, will qualify for the finals at the National Championships. Susanne Baarup and Ferdi Eilberg will assess […]

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Daniel Bates - Time To Say Goodbye

As with everything in life, people & situations change and so today Dan, Wilson & Hugo have left Biggs Dressage after 18 months. We would like to thank John Biggs, Gail Biggs & Eleanor Biggs for their time over the past 18 months & introducing us to the beautiful Captain Wilson & then to the […]

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Daniel Bates - Exciting times ahead

Hi Everyone, Dan Bates here letting you know about my June. I have had a great month, I have been working hard on getting Wilson, my horse, to listen to me on my canter transitions, which I have struggled with at times.  Wilson has decided he likes the walk to canter transition which is really making […]

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What does your horse need to be covered for?

If you have owned horses all your life or if you are purchasing your first four legged friend – horse insurance can be a total minefield. Whether or not to bother insuring and is it really worth it are often the questions that immediately come up, shortly followed by what is the best insurance for […]

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Storming into the season with Sophie Hall

The past month seems to have absolutely flown by! We have had a busy schedule with both horses and I even had the opportunity to escape to Badminton Horse Trials and Ireland for Tattersall’s which were absolutely fantastic. The sun has been shining, despite the odd thunderstorm and we have finally seen more events going […]

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