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Getting prepared for Laminitis

It has been a bit of a slow start to Spring with a lack of rain and sunshine meaning the grass in many places has been struggling to grow. However, with warm and damp weather forecast for the next few weeks we could soon see a sharp growth in the grass and its quality. Which […]

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Have You Thought About Your Breeding Insurance?

The winter has come to an end and spring is here which means the appearance of tiny hooves as the foals begin to arrive. We speak to our Equine Manager Kathy Tansey to explain what insurance you need to consider in relation to breeding… What Insurance should I take out for my Broodmare? Most standard […]

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Sun Cream & Fly Repelent, Family Entourage & Lucky Socks

Early Sunday morning and we were at Larkhill with the sun out and no wind, which I can tell you is a very rare occurrence at Larkhill. We have gone from wet weather gear and wellies to sun cream and fly repellent in a space of a week! Last year when we were trying to […]

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How To Keep Your Horse Safe: A Guide To Paddock And Horse Security

Securing your paddocks for livestock is something that is always on an owner’s mind. If you are on a livery yard, rent fields or have other people’s animals on your land, have you considered who is responsible for any insurance issues that might arise? We have put together a list of the most common questions […]

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Sun Dances, Daylight Saving and Plan B!

Finally my sun dance has paid off, it’s become warmer and the ground has dried out everywhere. With the clocks going forward to give us longer evenings, everything seems a lot easier. However the clocks going forward did give me a very early morning at the weekend! My friend, Laura, and I were of to […]

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Oliver Townend Scores Second Leg Win

Oliver Townend and Cooley Master Class rode to victory this weekend at the Barefoot Estates Burnham Market International horse trials, delivering his tenth win in 10 years.   His fourth consecutive CIC*** win at Burnham Market handed him the second leg of the Shearwater Insurance Tri-Star Grand Slam, meaning that himself and Izzy Taylor will […]

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As the old saying goes ‘no hoof, no horse’ but how can you make sure you are caring for your horse’s hooves in the best way possible? As spring hits, most of us will be beginning to work our horses a little harder. During this time, it’s important to keep an eye out for any […]

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Rain, Mud And Tummy Flips!

So I was hoping to fill this blog with lovely photos of Blue and myself competing at Aston le walls and Tweseldown, but yet again the good old British weather got the better of us. After being balloted out of the BE at Aston I entered their unaffiliated competition on the following Monday. Only for […]

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Izzy Taylor takes the first leg of Shearwater's Tri-Star Grand Slam

Beautiful Belton? Brilliant Belton? What superlative should be used to described the first ‘big B’ of the year – The Belton International Horse Trials, held in the stunning deer park of Belton House, by the kind permission of The National Trust. In it’s 37th year of running and 13th year of BEDE Events at the […]

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Teri Warner - Starting over

We catch up with rider Teri Warner who has been through some huge changes since winning the Shearwater Event Horse Owners Association Owner/Rider Award   A Challenging Few Years   “It has been a very odd few years, full of change. I have been very luck to have had some great experiences and have also had some […]

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