Year: 2017

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Introducing Shearwater Rider Chloe Chubb

Hello, I’m Chloe Chubb and I am thrilled to be part of the Shearwater Team for 2018. I’m 35 years old, live in Kent and have been riding since I was a child. I got bitten by the showing bug when I accidentally qualified my friend’s section A for the NPS Championships in Malvern at […]

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Protecting your business at home with Shearwater Insurance

Whether you run a small business from home, have an online shop or own a huge retail space with a number of employees, business insurance is something you need to think about. Taking the ‘it won’t happen to me’ approach is not a viable attitude when it comes to business, so by making sure every […]

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Tackling Cyber Crime with Shearwater Insurance

Cyber crime is not a new threat, but with every new headline comes a reminder that mitigating against it is something that nearly every business in the UK will need to do. Even if your organisation does not retail online, the chances are that some part of your business or administration is reliant on computer […]

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Be safe on the road with Shearwater Insurance

It seems sadly more and more frequently we as horse riders are becoming increasingly aware of the dangers of riding on the roads. Whether you ride on main roads or more country lanes you must abide by the highway code and make sure you consider your horses, other roads users and your own safety at […]

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Flora Young - 2017 Round Up

I spent the last two months of 2016 setting up my new yard which has been exciting and terrifying in equal measures – a huge learning curve and an enormous amount of hard work which has enabled me to be where I am now, with a fantastic support team behind me and some amazing facilities. […]

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Breakdown safety with Shearwater Insurance

You take all the necessary precautions and never think it will happen to you but unfortunately most people will at some point suffer a vehicle breakdown and will need to be rescued. This can be as simple as when your lorry won’t start the morning of a competition, to a more worrying problem leaving you […]

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Covering your yard and equipment with Shearwater Insurance

Securing your yard and everything in it is something that is always on a horse owner’s mind. If you are on a livery yard, rent your own place or own your own property you need to insure the insurance you have, will cover you should the worse happen. This includes everything from theft to flooding, […]

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Shearwater Young Horse Finals

The Shearwater Young Horse Finals took place across the weekend at the British Dressage Nationals at Stoneleigh Park. On the Saturday the top 10 horses were assessed in the three age groups, with four being chosen from each section to go through to the final on the Sunday. The Sunday judging was undertaken by Maria […]

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Young Horse Finals With Hawtins Stud

The weekend is almost here which means we just have time to catch up with another couple of our Shearwater Young Horse contenders. The Hawtins stud were victorious last year in the four-year-old finals with Hawtins San Floriana. This year they are back to contest the six-year-old class with a previous Young Horse winner. Can […]

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Young Horse Finals - Thoughts From Mount St John

The Mount St John stud have already proven themselves a force to be reckoned with in the Shearwater Young Horse classes after securing the top three slots, in last year’s five-year-old final. Mount St John VIP partnered by Charlotte Dujardin claimed the top honours followed by Mount St John Top Secret and Mount St John Furst […]

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