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Looking for a summer adventure?

There is always so much to look forward to in the summer, especially when you have a four legged friend to enjoy it with. From heading out into the countryside for a long ride to competing at your favourite competition there are always adventures to be had! We take a look at some of the […]

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Getting prepared for Laminitis

It has been a bit of a slow start to Spring with a lack of rain and sunshine meaning the grass in many places has been struggling to grow. However, with warm and damp weather forecast for the next few weeks we could soon see a sharp growth in the grass and its quality. Which […]

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Have You Thought About Your Breeding Insurance?

The winter has come to an end and spring is here which means the appearance of tiny hooves as the foals begin to arrive. We speak to our Equine Manager Kathy Tansey to explain what insurance you need to consider in relation to breeding… What Insurance should I take out for my Broodmare? Most standard […]

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How To Keep Your Horse Safe: A Guide To Paddock And Horse Security

Securing your paddocks for livestock is something that is always on an owner’s mind. If you are on a livery yard, rent fields or have other people’s animals on your land, have you considered who is responsible for any insurance issues that might arise? We have put together a list of the most common questions […]

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As the old saying goes ‘no hoof, no horse’ but how can you make sure you are caring for your horse’s hooves in the best way possible? As spring hits, most of us will be beginning to work our horses a little harder. During this time, it’s important to keep an eye out for any […]

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Valuing for insurance

When it comes to valuing your horse or pony it can be a complex situation. The value on a personal level is often priceless, yet from an insurance point of view there must be a figure. We take a look at the best way to try and value your horse for insurance purposes. Look at […]

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Horsebox insurance made simple!

Are you often confused about your horsebox and trailer insurance? Unsure what the best policy is for you? Hopefully these common questions will answer some of your queries.   What kind of insurance do I need for my horsebox, how do I choose between Fully Comp and Third Party?  Horsebox insurance varies, however the majority […]

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Make your new year insurance simple

Insurance has become a vital part of everyday life – cars, homes, business and most definitely horses all require comprehensive cover to protect you against any shortcomings. As we hit the new year we take a look at some of the comment questions surrounding insurance for your equine.   Why insure? It is often frustrating […]

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Road safety tips

This week has been Road Safety Week the UK’s biggest road safety event, coordinated annually by Brake. In support of this event we have put together some tips for riding safely on the road with your horse or pony. As whenever you are riding you should always wear an appropriately certified riding hat, and keep […]

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Securing your yard for the winter

The main insurance issues people face during the winter is usually the result of weather conditions so it is critical you ensure your premises is in a good state of repair before the season sets in. Getting this organised and having any on-going issues repaired prior to the onset of winter is very important to […]

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