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You Can Now Instantly Quote And Buy

Shearwater Insurance are thrilled to announce the launch of their new Quote and Buy Portal which allows customers to instantly get insurance cover for their horseboxes and trailers. The portal is easy to navigate and after filling in some basic information customers can simply click for their quote. The quote is immediately generated and if […]

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Is your tack safe?

As the nights begin to draw in and the darker days are upon us it is important to know that your tack and belongings are being kept as safe as possible. As we all know tack can be accumulated over many years and can hold a great amount of sentimental value, as well as actual […]

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Top tips on business success with the Equine Business Association

We have teamed up with one of our partners The Equine Business Association to bring you some useful content around growing a successful business within the equestrian industry. In this blog the EBA also looks at making the most of working from home and other some top tips to battle the boredom! Setting up a […]

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Equine Register and Shearwater Insurance Announce Affiliation

Equine Register Ltd is delighted to announce Shearwater Insurance Ltd as its partner for equine insurance. Equine Register sees relevant, appropriately priced insurance as key to underpinning animal welfare. Shearwater’s renowned service and support, coupled with its insurance products, fit well with Equine Register’s ethos, and this new affiliation brings the two industry leaders together […]

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What does your horse need to be covered for?

If you have owned horses all your life or if you are purchasing your first four legged friend – horse insurance can be a total minefield. Whether or not to bother insuring and is it really worth it are often the questions that immediately come up, shortly followed by what is the best insurance for […]

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Shearwater Insurance form partnership with the EBA

Do you own a business but are unsure of the insurance you might need for it? Often as business owners we find ourselves so busy actually running and working for clients we don’t have time to stop and have a look at what our business might need. Shearwater Insurance has joined forces with the Equine […]

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Shearwater Insurance Talk Horsebox And Trailer Cover

If you have a lorry or trailer to transport your equine then insurance is an important matter to you. You need to make sure you are covered for all eventualities so we are here to help with some of the commonly asked questions about horsebox and trailer cover. What kind of insurance do I need for my horsebox? […]

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Protecting your business at home with Shearwater Insurance

Whether you run a small business from home, have an online shop or own a huge retail space with a number of employees, business insurance is something you need to think about. Taking the ‘it won’t happen to me’ approach is not a viable attitude when it comes to business, so by making sure every […]

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Tackling Cyber Crime with Shearwater Insurance

Cyber crime is not a new threat, but with every new headline comes a reminder that mitigating against it is something that nearly every business in the UK will need to do. Even if your organisation does not retail online, the chances are that some part of your business or administration is reliant on computer […]

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Be safe on the road with Shearwater Insurance

It seems sadly more and more frequently we as horse riders are becoming increasingly aware of the dangers of riding on the roads. Whether you ride on main roads or more country lanes you must abide by the highway code and make sure you consider your horses, other roads users and your own safety at […]

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