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2019 I am Ready For You!

Happy New Year Everyone Well its 2019 and I’ve made it! This time last year I did wonder if I would still be riding at all but with some determination a fantastic amount of support from friends and family and some huge career changes I turned a corner and things are now going from strength […]

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Time to say goodbye to 2018!

Hi everyone, Can you believe it, the year has absolutely flown by and we can finally say Merry Christmas!! Dare I say it I am yet to see any festive snow but the Hall household is certainly feeling ready for Father Christmas. We have been busy decorating, the lights are up outside, the trees are […]

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Daniel Bates - 2019 What A Year!

Merry Christmas Guys! I cant quite believe it is December and the year is nearly over but I am still having a fantastic time. So after my November competition I went back into training with my next competition on the horizon. Since becoming a full time rider my training schedule is fast and furious but […]

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Sophie Hall - Rounding Up The Season

Hi everyone, I hope everyone got to enjoy a fun-filled, haunted Halloween with their horses this October. This month saw the end of the event season for Gusthoff and the close of George’s busy dressage season too. As I sit here in a chilly November I am not quite sure what to do with myself. […]

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Daniel Bates - Conquering my fears!

Hi Everyone The months are just flying by but I am happy to give you all an update on what I have been up too. In September I was lucky enough to attend over 2 days the Dressage Championships at Stoneleigh Park to again watch my trainer and friend Levi William Hunt compete Glenys Hemmings […]

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Shearwater rider Sophie Hall - Finally deciding on Freddie

Hi everyone, Where has September gone?! I feel like before we knew it the summer had left us and the shops are already (dare I say it) talking about Christmas! September has been a reasonably quiet month for us on the competition front but all systems go at home getting our new baby boy settled […]

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Daniel Bates - Another Goodbye But Still Flying High

August has been a strange month of ups and downs with difficult decisions needing to be made in order to progress with my dressage career. Wilson came into my life two years ago and was my very first horse and has been an important part of my riding journey and I will never forget him. […]

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Shearwater rider Sophie Hall has an exciting new arrival!

August has been another busy month for the GG’s and I with an exciting new arrival too… Our final bit of showing – Fake it till you make it Gorgeous old George had his final show of the season this month. We headed off to Blakesley Show for our last Olympia Final Qualifier. At 21 […]

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With the British Dressage Nationals getting closer and closer we caught up with two other riders heading to the Shearwater Young Horse Finals Dressage rider Calum Whitworth will be competing with the 4-year-old Damaris S who qualified at Port Royal. Can you tell me a little bit about your horse? Damaris S is a homebred […]

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Daniel Bates - Growing in confidence

Hi everyone, I hope you’ve all been enjoying the sun? I am just letting you know what I’ve been up to in July. July has been a mad one on so many different levels with visits, new skills and just a overhaul in the way I’ve looked at my riding and the progression I am […]

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