Horse transporters – have you got it covered?

There are varying levels of insurance available for people providing horse transport. By selecting an appropriate policy for your business, you can ensure that you are protected for every eventuality.

Since you provide a specialist service to your clients, at Shearwater we offer specialist insurance for ours – meaning you and your customers can have total peace of mind knowing that whatever happens on the road, we’ve got you covered.

Hire and reward: lawful transportation of horses for a fee

Anyone who wishes to transport horses for a fee greater than simply covering expenses is required to have a policy in place which covers hire and reward – something not covered by a standard social, domestic and pleasure policy.

The insurance cover you take out is just as important as holding the appropriate licences and certificates for the job – essentially, without hire and reward cover in place, in the event of an accident it means that you could potentially find yourself liable for the costs and on the wrong side of the law.

This policy can also include optional extras such as breakdown, windscreen and legal expenses cover.

Breakdown cover: roadside assistance and completion of your journey

Even the most well maintained vehicle can encounter problems from time to time. Roadside rescue and recovery means that you can always guarantee that your clients horses will be reach their planned destination anywhere in the UK – even if your vehicle isn’t able to be fixed at the roadside – so you can travel with confidence.

Care, custody and control: custodial liability cover against horse injury or death

Care, custody and control (CCC) insurance is advisable for anyone providing horse transportation services. While you are transporting horses, you essentially have responsibility for their safety and wellbeing.

In the event of an accident occurring where a horse under your care is injured or worse, if you or your company are deemed responsible, care custody and control insurance will have you covered. This means that in the event of a breakdown for example, if you are unloading horses at the roadside and they should happen to get loose you will be covered for injury to the horse. And – because our cover includes public liability as standard – you’ll also be covered for damages they may cause to other road users.

Just as as you are experts in your field, at Shearwater we pride ourselves on being experts in ours. We know what cover you need in place to carry out your business as a horse transporter, so our specialist insurance policies cover all bases. Can your business afford to be without these benefits?

• Guaranteed arrival at destination
• Protection for the horses under your care
• Peace of mind for you and your clients
• Professional cover for professional services
• Protected legally and financially against claims
• Stress free travel

Use our online form to request a quote now. Otherwise call the Shearwater team on 01992 707318 for a chat about your insurance needs.

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