Teri Warner – returning the magic

The last few months have been a complete whirlwind, full of ups and downs.


We moved into Merrywood Farm at the beginning of the year, the plan was to help the owners of the farm to develop a thriving livery yard and training centre. The process of building any business up from scratch is tough enough, but our challenge was to build the new yard too. The owners of the farm have worked tirelessly to build stables, create a yard and re fence the paddocks, and all this alongside running a thriving business of their own on the farm.



Merrywood Farm is home to a lovely selection of Gloucester old spot pigs, these are organically reared on the farm. It has been an amazing experience to witness and learn about the farming process and we have had the pleasure of watching the birth of my first litter of piglets just the other day.


I have also had the opportunity to help raise four orphaned lambs, this has been a dream of mine and I often have to pinch myself when bottle feeding them.


Despite loving the farm life, I am also delighted to announce that my lovely horse Alex has come back into work really well, he looks fantastic and although only time will tell, I plan to enjoy every moment I get to work with him.


We have welcomed our first liveries onto the farm, everyone has settled in really well and despite suffering some set backs with our arena build we have erected a temporary grass arena with dressage boards and hopefully the weather will help us keep the ground perfect for them. I can’t wait to build up a great base for practicing coaching and training, I have so many great ideas and hope that my dressage judge training can be developed further too.


I have had my fair share of rotten luck over the last few years but despite it being hard work at the moment, I do feel extremely lucky to have the opportunity to spend my working days at such a magical place.



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