A valuable lesson in riding instructor insurance

If you’re a riding instructor, you’ll know that despite every precaution, accidents can occasionally happen. But the good news is that by taking out an appropriate insurance policy with Shearwater, you can focus on teaching your clients safe in the knowledge that if an accident does happen for which you are considered liable – we’ve got you covered.

The truth is that people who teach without appropriate insurance is place lay themselves open to claims which could cost their livelihoods. As much as your clients rely upon you to be safe pair of hands with their training and development, you need a safe pair of hands to protect you if something should go wrong. Here’s why…

Example one: If a rider has a fall and becomes injured during a lesson with you, and they feel that you were at fault – you could be held liable. In court, a case like this could cost thousands of pounds. Our riding instructor liability insurance will have you protected against this type of claim, and also cover any legal fees which may be incurred. This is advisable especially if you teach clinics.

Example two: If a horse causes injury or damage to a third party while under your instruction – say for instance a vehicle, another horse, or an arena or fencing, say – then you could again be considered responsible. In this instance, our public liability insurance will have you covered.

Example three: A horse under your care becomes injured – or worse. This is relevant for a horse you’re looking after, riding on behalf of a client, or which becomes injured in the course of a lesson where the client considers you to have negligently caused the injury. Care, Custody and Control (CCC) insurance will cover you against this type of claim.

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If you’re only teaching part time, it is still advisable to have appropriate cover in place. For these clients, we have a special limited hours policy available at a discounted rate to provide the best value.

We also know that many freelancers offer a range of services, not strictly limited to teaching. We have policies which will cover you for grooming, schooling and clipping.

Whatever your needs, at Shearwater we have a range of policies to ensure you can always access a product which is right for you – whether you’re a travelling freelancer or work in-house at a riding school.

We are experts in our field; we can recommend the most appropriate product, ensure you’re financially protected, and help you navigate the claims process in the event of something going wrong. We have got you and your clients covered – giving you the confidence to be an expert in your field as a riding instructor.

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