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  • Theft while in transit
  • Loss while in transit
  • All risks goods in transit insurance
  • Couriers
  • Annual policies and one-off transits available
  • Damage caused by accidents while in transit
  • Damage caused during transit
  • Single vehicles or fleets all on one policy

From start to finish, merchandise, raw materials and other goods can be protected with a marine cargo insurance or goods in transit policy that protects against loss, damage or theft for the duration of the journey. There are plenty of businesses moving and shipping goods around the UK and further afield who can benefit from this inclusive cover. It’s a simple case of allowing us at Shearwater to decipher which type of cover is going to work best for your business.

 What does marine cargo insurance cover?

While the name of this policy may suggest otherwise, marine cargo is not limited to the sea, and in fact covers transport by air, canal, rail and road as well.

Marine cargo insurance protects the cargo whilst in motion and can also cover it for a limited period whilst being kept at a bonded warehouse until the end destination. Our policies also include door to door or port to port.

Goods in transit

Busy couriers darting round the country, removal vans carting around the worldly possessions of their clients – there are a lot of physical items that can be covered under a goods in transit policy, not to mention the responsibilities that come with them. 

Having the ability to quickly compensate for any lost, damaged or stolen goods can soften any blows to your business reputation and cover any costs for replacement and compensation.

This policy can be made relevant to you by the experienced team at Shearwater whether you have a fleet of haulage vehicles tipping the scales at over 7.5 tonnes, a small courier business, or you’re a furniture removal company.


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