At a Glance
  • Fixed benefit amount paid in the event of death/ loss of limb
  • Loss of sight, loss of limb, permanent total disability
  • Loss of hearing or speech
  • Permanent loss of use of thumb, index and other fingers, shoulder and wrist
  • Permanent loss of use of hip, knee or ankle.
  • Temporary total disability
  • Temporary partial disability
  • Illness cover
  • Weekly benefits can cover up to 80% of weekly income

If the closest you’ve come to an accident in the past is trapping your hand in the kitchen drawer, then it may not have occurred to you to take out personal accident insurance.

Even if you work in a high risk trade where you need to be active and on your feet all day, you may have been fortunate enough never to come into harm’s way.

Unfortunately it’s the bigger accidents, the more complicated injuries, the long standing illnesses – those ailments that are completely unexpected, that are going to cause problems.

Your employment status

If you are employed by a company, then you are entitled to statutory sick pay for up to 28 weeks. However this is much lower than most incomes and is unlikely to sufficiently cover your existing living costs. If you are self-employed, you won’t even receive that.

This is a long time to try and recover your health, especially if you are seeing your financial reserves depleting at the same time.

Take care of yourself, and we’ll do the rest

If you want to protect your financial wellbeing at a difficult time, Shearwater is here to help with a range of personal accident insurance options. Each of these is designed to take care of you financially at a time when you need it most, so when you are ready to return to work, you will hopefully be on a similar footing as you were before having to take time out.


Good Afternoon Kathy

I currently have a policy for my horse with shearwater policy ********. Last year he was diagnosed with a suspensory desmitis which has been ongoing and lead to other investigations and lameness as the horse unfortunately has not been well for most of this year.

We seem to be on the road to recovery now.

I wanted to email you and thank your ladies for all there help and express how pleased I have been with Tina, Lorraine and Viv.

It has been quite an upsetting period and I have not been able to enjoy any activities this year and your team have been really been supportive in helping to resolve the claims as quickly as possible.

I will 100% be renewing this policy at the renewal stage and will fully recommend your business when the opportunity arises.

Every success


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