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Everything in life and business would be so much simpler if everyone took responsibility for their own personal safety and their own property, but that’s not to say it would make things fair.

A member of the public or one of your employees seeking compensation because they have suffered an injury, or their property has been damaged when your business is allegedly responsible, is not unreasonable. This is why public liability insurance is a common feature in any commercial insurance package and why employers’ liability is a legal requirement.

Protection for your employees

Whatever line of work they are in, employees should expect to carry out their duties without coming into harm’s way. More high risk environments such as building sites will have strict health and safety policies and it is the member of staff’s responsibility to stick to them. If despite adhering to this a member of staff has an accident at work they can make a claim for compensation. With employers liability insurance in place insurers will offer protection in the event of a claim.

Protection for others

You may only have rare contact with members of the public, but one of the very few encounters could be the one that counts for all the wrong reasons. Example, one of your deliveries is dropped, or a visiting third party supplier is hit by a falling sign when leaving your building. It only takes a brief encounter to lead to long and costly court proceedings and suddenly the premium that you have paid for public liability cover is worthwhile.

We’ll level with you at Shearwater

Our commercial team will discuss your business, how many employees you have, how often you have regular contact with other members of the public and discuss with you which level of cover you are going to need if you want to give your business the best chance at protection against any future claims. 


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Good Afternoon Kathy I currently have a policy for my horse with shearwater policy ********. Last year he was diagnosed with a suspensory desmitis which has been ongoing and lead to other investigations and lameness as the horse unfortunately has not been well for most of this year. We seem to be on the road

March 17, 2016

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