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  • Public and Employers’ liability
  • Hired in plant
  • Contract works
  • Personal accident
  • Cover for bona-fide subcontractors
  • Own equipment tools & plant

It doesn’t matter to you that we have access to specialist products that meet the needs in excess of over 100 different trades. All that matters to you is that we at Shearwater have access to tradesman insurance that is going to work for you, your trade, your tools and equipment. We are confident in this because we know the cover options that are going to make for a solid insurance package.

Liability and Indemnity

Adhering to high standards of safety and professionalism goes along way, but chance can always intervene. Damage or injury accidentally caused by you can be covered with public liability, a common feature in a tradesman insurance policy.

Your tools and plant – owned or hired in

Your revenue is offset with the cost of your tools and plant. Once you have purchased what you need, hopefully you won’t be faced again with the same outlay as you did when you first started out. That is providing they are not lost, stolen, or damaged.

If this does happen, whether it’s from site, your premises, or your vehicle, then you can be covered under your tradesman policy.

Contract Works

The “works” is whatever project you are contracted to be working on and while you are on site, your responsibility towards the works and materials is bound by that contract. This could be quite an expense if something beyond your control occurs. Depending on what the project is and the cost of the materials involved we can look into a contract works limit that means you won’t be left short if a claim occurs.


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March 17, 2016

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