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  • Roadside assistance and recovery
  • Key replacement
  • At home rescue & yard start
  • Onward transport of horses
  • Overnight accommodation for horses

There are those unhelpful times when your horsebox simply doesn’t want to move. Perhaps this is down to a mechanical fault, or because the battery has drained. Maybe it’s a case of changing the tyre but you don’t have the tools or a spare.

The job of breakdown assistance providers is to rescue you from your plight as soon as possible, diagnose the issue and, if they can, get your horsebox moving again, or failing that take it to a garage which can.


This cover makes sure you’re not left stranded by the side of the road, with breakdown assistance which will either try for roadside repair to see you on your way, even just as a temporary measure, or otherwise tow you to a nearby garage where further help will be at hand.


A step up from roadside assistance, a recovery van can take you to your destination, wherever this is in the UK.

At home rescue

With battery issues accounting for many non-starters around the UK, breakdown recovery providers often find themselves on the home turf of their callers. While basic breakdown cover insists you need to be at least a quarter of a mile from the property where the vehicle is registered, at home rescue or yard start cover can offer you help even before you’ve had the chance to set off on your journey.

Useful extras

Battery rescue, onward travel and labour can all be included as part of a more comprehensive policy, so you can remain calm even if you find yourself in an unexpected situation.


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Neil Johns

Being involved in the steel fabrication and security industry it is vital that our assets, customers and staff are all protected to the highest level. It is also vital I have a broker who I can trust to look out for my interests. The team at Shearwater not only understand the demands of my business

March 17, 2016

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