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Livery yards offer a simple solution to horse owners who don’t have their own premises, allowing them to shelter, feed and train their horses elsewhere for a fee. Livery yard insurance arranged by Shearwater gives you as the yard owner the opportunity to cover your business simply and effectively, so you can be confident that behind the scenes of your bustling enterprise, you’ve got the right protection in place.

Taking responsibility for your livery yard

You’re liable for your premises, whatever size. Whether you run a fully managed or a DIY livery yard, having insurance in place means that if someone is injured on your premises or their property gets damaged, you could be covered for what otherwise could be a great expense.

In receiving payment for the care of other people’s horses, you become in part responsible, and liable, for their welfare. A policy arranged by Shearwater can include the option of Livery yard liability including care, control and custody for all the horses on your premises.

The voice of experience from Shearwater

Our team at Shearwater can offer advice as to what kind of policy you need and tailor your cover to suit your business needs, helping to keep your livelihood safe and sound.

Livery yard insurance can protect you against a wide range of claims but each policy can vary depending on your size and how you function as a business.

Not only will this give you the confidence to take in new customers and their animals, but it also reassures clients that their valuable horses are in safe hands.

Why choose livery yard insurance from Shearwater?

Shearwater has many years of experience when it comes to understanding the requirements of a livery yard owner. The result is a range of insurance policies designed specifically for protecting you as the owner, along with your staff and your customers. From riding instructors and livery yards to stud farms, Shearwater specialise in finding insurance solutions designed to protect you and help ensure you and your business financially covered.


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March 17, 2016

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