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  • Care, custody & control extension
  • Legal expenses
  • Cover for inoculation
  • Death caused by accident during transit
  • Cover for private sales
  • Death due to accident, illness and disease
  • Loss of an unborn foal
  • Loss of use following an accident or illness

A choice stud can bring in hundreds of thousands of pounds per mate, which they can do up to 200 times a year thanks to veterinary advances.

Stallions at stud are not only valuable, but well travelled and frequently handled, both of which can present a risk that needs to be accounted for in this lucrative business.

Heightened protection

Shearwater Insurance has over 20 years experience in insuring foals, broodmares and top grade stallions for injury, death, theft, straying, disability and subfertility.

Equine and livestock insurance will protect you and your investment against the pitfalls that occur and can help prevent heartache and headache for both you and your clients when breeding horses, such as an unexpected injury while travelling.

Handling other horses

The nature of the horse-breeding business means you’ll often find yourself taking charge of animals belonging to others, in which instance, care custody and control cover within your stud insurance policy can protect you and your employees against claims if anything goes wrong while they’re in your care such as property damage or injury.

Get your insurance right first time

The unpredictable nature of horses and the working stud farm environment they’re in means that accidents, injuries and damage are commonplace, and only correcting an insurance policy in hindsight can be an expensive error to make.

Shearwater’s in depth knowledge of the equestrian business means that the right equine and livestock protection can be arranged from the outset for those operating in this high-value, yet high risk environment.


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Dear Shona, I have just received the cheque in settlement of my claim from the insurance company. I thank you and Richard for the speedy and efficient manner in which the claim was handled which was made very easy by the pair of you, with the minimum of fuss. It’s very reassuring to know when

March 17, 2016

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