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  • Accidental damage included
  • New for old on trailer under 3 years old available
  • European use available
  • Replacement hire cover
  • Trailer breakdown cover available

As useful as they are, horse trailers come with their fair share of risks. For a start, unless they’re immobilised with a wheel clamp, a simple yet effective measure for trailer owners, or locked away in a garage, they’re a target for thieves looking for an easy steal.

Furthermore, towing anything with your vehicle is going to have some impact on control and manoeuvrability, especially when you throw a large animal such as a horse into the equation. This can mean that those using horse trailers are potentially at greater risk from accidents that cause damage to the trailer or worse, injury to yourself or your horse.

Don’t settle for the basics

Most car insurance policies will cover horse trailers for Public Liability only which covers damage to other people’s property caused by your trailer, not damage to the trailer itself

If an accident leaves your trailer out of action, and you rely on it for regular transport, where does that leave you and your horse?

Choose top to tow bar protection

Any form of equine transport should be fully protected by a specialist equestrian insurer. We’ve been helping to keep horse trailer owners on the road for over 20 years at Shearwater, so we understand the risks involved.

A policy arranged by us will take into consideration the fact that you may be transporting other people’s horses, in which case care, custody and control insurance should be included.

If you want to cover the towing vehicle for more than just breakdown cover, you can look into a motor insurance policy which we can also arrange at Shearwater.

Broaden your horizons

Competitions and other engagements can call you further afield, and your horse trailer can be covered for a limited time while abroad. You just need to make our team aware of where you’re going, and how long for, and we’ll arrange this extension for you, providing it’s not within an excluded territory.


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