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Commercial Landlords Insurance

The risks around your commercial property, rounded-up in one policy.

Cover For The Obvious Disasters

What does your commercial property portfolio look like? Do you own a chain of properties used for different businesses, or a small office on the high street, even a distribution warehouse?

Explain your commercial property to the team at Shearwater and we’ll present you with a comprehensive commercial landlord insurance policy. We’ll take you through the covers step by step so you can be sure that the cover we provide will be tailored to your needs.

  • Accidental damage cover
  • Buildings cover and index linking
  • Loss of rental income
  • Glass and replacement lock
  • Terrorism cover
  • Malicious damage
  • Property owners’ liability
  • Contents of communal areas

As you would expect, a commercial landlord insurance policy covers the “usual suspects” in insured risks – flood, fire, storm, theft and malicious damage – but what of their consequences?

If you want your insurance policy to be thorough in its protection, you also need to consider loss of rent when your property can not be used when making a claim. Additionally, the cost of moving your tenants elsewhere also needs to be taken into consideration so that they can continue with their business.  These issues have already been considered by Shearwater and we are happy to advise on this further.

landlords insurance Shearwater Insurance

The Legalities

As a property owner you need to have liability cover in case one of your tenants or their property comes harm’s way. In addition to standard property owner’s liability we can offer additional cover to protect you offering both financial support and legal advise if a court case is looking imminent.

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Experienced Brokers

Shearwater have been offering independent advise to commercial property owner’s for over 20 years and in that time have seen a variety of portfolios each coming with its own challenges. Your investments need the right protection to see it through any difficulties and the team at Shearwater are here to offer you this service so you can continue to benefit from your investment instead of being sidetracked by the problems.

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