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Cyber Liability Insurance

Help protect yourself online with cyber liability insurance.

As technology moves ahead, so does the threat

Advances in technology mean that businesses rely on computers, emails, internet and portable devices more heavily than before. There is plenty of protection software available, but unfortunately, security is always behind the hackers who are often able to outwit even some of the most stringent systems. Even if you have put all the barriers in place that you can, a cyber breach can still affect you and cyber insurance can be the next logical step in your defence.

  • System damage
  • Identity fraud
  • Loss of data
  • Crisis management
  • Business interruption

It is the job of our team at Shearwater to make you aware of how cyber crime could impact your business specifically. We can explain how an insurance policy may defend against this.

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What are the chances?

Cyber crime is a modern day affliction that plagues businesses of all sizes, so it really doesn’t matter if you just rely on one computer. If you have access to the internet or use email, then you could be just as much a target as a large company which has spent generously on making sure their systems are covered. Even if you are rarely online and you store customer data or confidential company information on your machine, you could have a data security issue on your hands.


cyber insurance from shearwater insurance

What's the damage?

If there is damage to your IT infrastructure caused by a virus or hacker to consider, this could take time and money to repair. In the meantime you’re losing business not just because you are hindered in your operations, but because any data breaches may have dented your reputation. Not only this, but if your customers are affected by any data loss, there may be legal and compensation costs to remedy the situation. The list goes on and cyber liability insurance is designed to check each possible scenario.

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