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Household Insurance

Shearwater can take care of aspects of your personal insurance, including household, pet, travel and working from home.

Insurance down to your favourite mug

Why would you come and see an insurance broker about your personal insurance affairs? With a thorough understanding of your home, motor and travels – an understanding which allows the team at Shearwater to find an insurance policy that is relevant, offers good value, and is going to hold its own against a claim, why wouldn’t you?

Your query doesn’t need to take much longer than your online comparisons, but the key difference is that you’ll have an adviser working on your behalf who you know you can call if you have any questions, one who’ll be available to support you through the duration of any claims you may need to make in the future.

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Use the contact form to request a quote today.  Otherwise call the Shearwater team on 01992 718666 for a no obligation chat about your insurance needs.