Bars and restaurants insurance services

Pub & Restaurant Insurance

A slip-up in your hospitality business doesn’t mean your standards need to slide.

Enjoy Good Service From The Other Side With Shearwater  

Your business relies on your staff, premises, customers and services. Our commercial team at Shearwater can explain how our service and specialist insurance policies are best placed to protect you.

  • Public and employers’ liability
  • Business interruption and loss of income
  • Building and contents
  • Loss of refrigerated stock
  • Legal cover
  • Stock
  • Loss of licence
  • Guest effects
  • Private event cover

Let someone look after your business for a change, rather than the other way round. The commercial team at Shearwater can visit your business in person to discuss your priorities and see which products are going to be essential in protecting it. Through our independent advice and support, we’re just as focused on putting our client’s needs first as you are with your customers.

public liability insurance - Shearwater Insurance

Protect Your Staff

Working in hospitality is not without its pressures and it’s the responsibility of each member of your staff to take note of health and safety precautions at work to prevent injury. But if, for whatever reason, there has been a slip in preventative measures and you as a business are to blame, then essential employers’ liability cover within a restaurant, public house or takeaway shop can provide essential support.

Bars and restaurants insurance services

Protect your premises

Running a hospitality business is a venture that requires the delicate balance of good business acumen, a solid relationship with suppliers and a consistently high level of service, but there are some external circumstances that you can’t always predict. A burst pipe, unplanned street works, or a broken down freezer are all going to have an impact on your business and consequently your income. However prepared you are, having the right pub or restaurant insurance will take that preparation one step further with business interruption insurance.

Restaurant insurance - Shearwater Insurance

Protect Your Customers

The menu you serve is only part of your customers’ experience. Of course you hope to deliver experiences that are positive and trouble free, but some issues can’t be helped. In such cases, an insurance policy can help turn certain problems around, with compensation for any members of the public where needed. This swift and genuine response can restore faith and reputation in your service that has been temporarily lost through an accident or injury.

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