horsebox and horse transporter insurance from shearwater insurance

Horse Transporter Insurance

Transporting equines for 'hire & reward'? Make sure you've got the correct insurance for the job.

The Worst Case, Yet Frequent, Scenario

It’s your job as a horse transporter to provide safe, secure, comfortable and stress free transportation for your customers’ animals. At Shearwater, we aim to make these journeys a whole lot easier for you with specialist hire and reward insurance, ensuring that your vehicle is correctly insured for your business use.

In addition to insurance for the vehicle we're able to provide Horse Transporter Liability insurance, giving you extended care, custody and control cover for the equines in your care.

By law, if you are moving goods, in this case horses, ponies and donkeys, in exchange for money, you must have the relevant certificate and qualification to cover equine transit for journeys. Without this, you will not be able to put this  insurance in place.

If your business revolves entirely around the safe transportation of other people’s horses, there is nothing to gain by opting for substandard insurance, as the risks could just be too great. At Shearwater we know precisely what cover you need in place to be well protected in your business operations, while giving your customers the confidence in your services. We also include Public Liability as standard.

horsebox and horse transporter insurance from shearwater insurance

Key Features

Key Features

Horse transporter insurance works in a number of ways to give your business a unique form of protection.

  • Comprehensive horsebox cover, including for hire & reward use
  • Breakdown options
  • Legal expenses

Plus additional options for:

  • Public liability
  • Employers liability
  • Care, custody and control
Horsebox insurance from shearwater insurance

The Vehicle Insurance

Your horsebox will need to be covered for hire and reward use. This will give you the legal cover you need to be on the road so you don’t incur the costs racked up after causing an accident while on the road.

This policy can also include optional extras such as breakdown, windscreen and legal expenses cover.

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The Horses

Whilst the horses in your care are being moved from A-B, your responsibilities towards them can be covered with care, custody and control insurance.

Whether or not you have grooms or vets to hand throughout the journey, if you as an individual or as a company are deemed responsible in the event of the animal’s injury, or losing control of a horse by the side of the road, care, custody and control (known as CCC ) will cover you for this if you or your company are deemed responsible.


This is an insurance designed to cover you for any claims made against you, by the owner of a horse which is injured whilst in your care and is not covered under the public liability section. 

Care, Custody & Control covered the horse, public liability covers the members of the general public.  

It may seem an unlikely eventuality and therefore you may feel safe omitting it from your cover particularly if all the horses in your charge are individually insured.  However, do remember that relationships with even the most reasonable owner can turn sour if their much loved horse is injured.

Yes.  At Shearwater we work in partnership with Equine Rescue Services to offer exceptional rates on breakdown assistance policies for our horsebox, trailer and transporter customers.

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