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Travelling – a wonderful, exciting pastime that can quickly turn into a stressful experience if something goes wrong. Rather than righting wrongs as it’s supposed to, a poor holiday insurance cover only adds salt to the wound if you’ve paid a premium only to find that very few scenarios have actually been taken into account.

If you’ve arranged your holiday travel insurance at the last minute, chances are that you have gone for what is known as a single trip travel insurance policy. This can be fine if it is fit for purpose, but there are other options out there that could suit your travel plans better.

Annual multi-trip insurance

You can be covered for a number of trips over the course of the year with one policy, referred to as annual or multi-trip travel insurance and this can even include the whole family. If only booking flights and hotels could be done in the same way. 

Long stay

Most standard insurance policies will only cover you for a limited period to reflect the length of a typical break. But there are those of us who might want to extend their stay, such as if they’re visiting relatives, on a gap year, or venturing further afield. For such cases, there is long stay travel insurance.

Medical conditions

The last thing you want to be told after a long standing or pre-existing illness is that you’re uninsurable for a much deserved trip away. With the help of the team at Shearwater and a pre-existing medical condition travel insurance policy, it doesn’t have to be this way.

65+ years

It’s not uncommon for an off-the-shelf travel insurance policy premium to double when you reach the age of 65, which can quickly cancel out the other benefits of discounted entrance fees at the many attractions around Britain and Europe. At Shearwater, the insurance providers who offer a fairer premium on travel insurance for over 65s are on our radar.  More importantly, we know what’s covered, and what’s not, so we can get your protection right before you go away.

Take our travel insurance tips from Shearwater

If you want our independent advice on how to best protect your travels, then our team at Shearwater can arrange affordable cover for all kinds of travel adventures and trips, from short-breaks to round-the-world excursions.


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Simon Hall

I have found Shearwater to be responsive and flexible in providing me and my company with individually tailored insurance packages to cover exactly what I need, at very competitive prices. Simon Hall, MD of Soteria Ltd

March 17, 2016

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