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Equestrian Insurance

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Shearwater Insurance have over 20 years experience in the equestrian industry and are uniquely placed to offer a wide range of equestrian insurance policies to suit your needs.

  • Every person in the equestrian insurance team knows and understands horses
  • A range of competitive equestrian insurance policies available to suit your budgets and requirements
  • Efficient and empathetic staff on hand to deal with your equestrian insurance claim or query with minimal stress
  • Making an equestrian insurance claim is simple, fast and efficient, with our in house claims settlement team

Horse Insurance

We have been providing specialist horse insurance for over 20 years, so let us give you peace of mind that your pride and joy is protected.

Shearwater understands the needs of every horse owner and each member of the equestrian team has direct experience in the equestrian world.


Equine liability insurance

There are many risks in the equestrian world making equine liability insurance essential to your business.

Shearwater understands how the industry works and can provide equestrian insurance cover to protect you against all possible liability claims and ultimately protect you against financial difficulty. 



With many years of experience in the equestrian market, Shearwater Insurance understands your specific needs when it comes to insuring your equine property and stables. With specialised buildings and facilities it is vital you get the right equestrian property insurance - we can guide you to the right decision for this.


Horsebox insurance form Shearwater

 Keeping you and your horse on the road is important to Shearwater, which is why our horsebox team is perfectly placed to offer you advice and information in order to create the perfect horsebox insurance policy.

Our wide range of policies means we can offer very competitive premiums, along with add-ons such as break...


Any form of equine transport should be fully protected by a specialist equestrian insurer.

Shearwater have been helping to keep horse trailer owners on the road for over 20 years and understand the risks involved. Make sure you are protected against accidents, damage or liability claims.

Shearwater understand how important your pets are, and by taking out the right insurance policy you can protect yourself from financial difficulty should your pet become sick or is involved in an accident.

Speak to our insurance experts to choose the perfect policy for your beloved pet.


Personal Accident Insurance

Accidents do happen, and unfortunately taking the 'it won't happen to me' approach is not viable.

Taking out personal accident insurance will not prevent accidents from occurring but it will mean you are covered should you have a fall or become injured and unable to work. Shearwater's range of perso...

Insurance Expert
Name Kathy Tansey
Experience Kathy is one of our longest serving members of the team having joined us in May 1994 having previously been a Tax Inspector & Poll Tax Officer for HM Revenue & Customs.
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