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  • Third party, fire & theft
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  • Legal expenses
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Just one truck breakdown, one van break-in, or one catering van claim can be enough to throw your business completely out of sync, which can be damaging even if only in the short term.

Leaving your insurance to chance by going on the cheap with your commercial vehicle or van insurance policy is simply not worth the risk. By doing so you’re putting your livelihood on the line with inadequate protection that’s not going to see your business through a claim in the way you need it to.

Servicing your vehicles with good protection

The service you can expect from our commercial team at Shearwater is on a par with any leading insurance broker in the UK. We have over 20 years’ experience and access to the kind of products that won’t let you down as a business, whether it’s courier vans, haulage trucks, tippers, flatbeds or catering vans that drive it.

Insurance that moves with you

If your stationary van contains tools or merchandise, it’s a sitting duck for thieves. The goods and contents of your vehicle, from van to HGV, can be protected even when not in motion. When they are on the road, these same contents can be insured for loss or damage if the vehicle is involved in an accident.

Rounding up your liability

With your vehicles spread far and wide, there is more opportunity for your company to come into contact members of the public, and not necessarily in a good way. Public liability can cover you and your drivers if they cause an accident which leads to injury or damage to property. It can even cover you if you’re a catering van and one of your customers comes down with a bout of food poisoning.


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