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  • Multiple vehicles
  • One annual renewal date
  • Reduced administration
  • Limited driver/unrestricted drivers
  • Windscreen repairs
  • Legal advice
  • HGV fleet insurance
  • Commercial fleet insurance
  • Business car insurance
  • Mixed fleet

You already have fuel and tax to consider for each vehicle within your fleet, so why make things harder for yourself by insuring each one individually if you don’t have to?

With  an extensive panel of insurers we will find you a great deal on motor insurance for your private or business vehicles. Bespoke policies can be tailored for cars, vans and trucks.

Protection for all your vehicles, all year round

Regardless of the size of your fleet, fleet insurance arranged by Shearwater can cover  business vehicles including vans, HGVs and company cars without compromising on protection.

It allows you more flexibility in cover, with one or more drivers able to use different vehicles, and saves you time. It could also help you reduce costs with lower policy excesses, and a premium that’s based on the history of your business rather than your drivers.

Thinking on your fleet

HGV fleets will be faced by regulation and other challenges that a company car fleet used both for business and domestic purposes would simply not encounter. Our commercial team at Shearwater will consider your fleet closely with a review, before settling on a few options for you that are going see your fleet well on its way to exceptional insurance protection.

At renewal

It’s only through careful consideration of your fleet and its current needs that we can make sure it continues to be protected at a price that’s reasonable, both throughout the course of the policy, and when the time comes to renew.


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March 17, 2016

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