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  • One and two seater road legal quads cover
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  • Working utility vehicles
  • Vehicle stored in the open

Quad bikes give farmers, foresters and gamekeepers among other rural workers the versatility to get where they need to on four wheels rather than two feet. They are also notoriously difficult to insure, as they bring with them a level of risk that many underwriters are uncomfortable with, even at a higher premium.

Safety hazard

Quad bikes are heavy, powerful, and don’t manoeuvre in the same way as a motorbike. Many accidents occur when a quad bike has been overturned at excessive speed. But those who use their All Terrain Vehicles (ATVs) frequently for business purposes are more likely to have undergone training, something that we at Shearwater and the specialist agricultural insurers we work with understand.

Security issues

Quad bikes are just as useful to thieves in bits as they are to their owners intact. Many quad bikes which are stolen are stripped back for their expensive parts in a very short space of time, making it difficult to track back to their rightful owner. Even if you take steps to secure your quad bike by locking it away at night and using a clamp, some more determined thieves will be able to find a way of relieving you of your vehicle.

Overcoming the risks

At Shearwater we use our experience, judgement and access to the most relevant insurers to provide a quad bike insurance policy that doesn’t automatically place you in the high risk, high premium category. This understanding of how you use your ATV allows us to source an appropriate policy which reflects the precautions you take both as an owner and a rider.


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Neil Johns

Being involved in the steel fabrication and security industry it is vital that our assets, customers and staff are all protected to the highest level. It is also vital I have a broker who I can trust to look out for my interests. The team at Shearwater not only understand the demands of my business

March 17, 2016

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