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Equestrian Liability Insurance

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Securing your future in the event of a claim

Whether you're running an equestrian business or managing your own private stables, working with horses should be a joy and not a chore.  Horses and ponies bring a great deal of pleasure to those around them but they are unpredictable animals, and anyone who works around, handles, or cares for them, needs to understand the risks associated.

At Shearwater Insurance we offer a range of bespoke policies designed specifically for your yard activities, be it for a private yard or livery yard, specialist cover for freelance instructors and riders, riding schools, stunt riders, studs and events.

Understanding your liabilities

If you approach Shearwater for Equestrian Liability Insurance, a member of our experienced equestrian team, can take a look at your equestrian business, or property, and help you decide exactly what liability cover is going to be worthwhile, or essential. They have a wealth of experience and can help whether you run a livery yard, a riding school, a racing yard or trekking centre, or any other type of equestrian business.

Liability Products For Equestrian Property & Business

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Private Stables Insurance

Your stable yard may look very different to another. Maybe you have a handful of stables, large feed store and tack room, or a barn full of expensive machinery. Either way, if your yard was flooded tomorrow, or if one of your barns caught fire, do you feel confident that your insurance would cover it?

Livery and private yard insurance from shearwater insurance

DIY Livery Yard Insurance

Livery yard insurance arranged by Shearwater gives you as the yard owner the opportunity to cover your business simply and effectively, so you can be confident that behind the scenes of your bustling enterprise, you’ve got the right protection in place.

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Equestrian Buildings & Contents Insurance

From small stable outfits to state of the art equestrian centres – it doesn’t matter to us at whether you’re one or the other, or somewhere in between. What matters to us is that if you’re affected by fire, flood or theft, you have already taken measures to help rebuild, refit and restock, so that peace can once again be restored.

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Land Liability Insurance

Whether you are leasing your grazing land, or simply enjoying your own space at home, you hold a responsibility to ensure your equestrian property is safe and fit for purpose. Shearwater can help you protect against claims being made against you and provide compensation in the event that an incident, such as injury or damage to property, occurs to a third party, whether you’re allowing other people to use your land and its facilities or not.

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Stud Insurance

The unpredictable nature of horses and the working stud farm environment they are in means that accidents, injuries and damage are commonplace.

Shearwater’s in depth knowledge of the equestrian business means that the right equine and livestock protection can be arranged from the outset for those operating in this high-value, yet high risk environment.

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Riding Schools & Trekking Centres

As a Riding School or Trekking Centre Proprietor you need to make sure your establishment is running well and it is also your responsibility to ensure you create a safe environment for staff and customers.  However no matter how careful you are you cannot guarantee that no accidents will happen nor that no one can make a claim against you.  It is therefore essential that you have a comprehensive specialist Insurance Policy in place to protect your livelihood. 

For Riders & Professionals

Horse Rider Insurance

With its inherent risks, horse riding is considered one of the most dangerous sports in the UK, and an injury sustained while working with horses could be one that keeps you from work for weeks, months or even permanently. Anyone who participates accepts these risks, which is why it’s so important to embrace horse rider insurance as a necessity.

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Stunt Performer Insurance

Performers are in the entertainment business to make people happy, but nothing brings you back down to earth with a bump more than an accident at work.  Don't risk an accident leaving you sitting on the side-lines, out of work and out of pocket. Stunt Performer Insurance, from Shearwater, can offer an additional safety net and a helping hand to get you back on your feet.

riding instructors insurance from shearwater insurance

Freelance Instructors/Professionals Insurance

You may fully understand the tendencies and temperaments of horses under your instruction, but it doesn’t mean that these unpredictable creatures can’t still take you and any riders you’re teaching by surprise.

Cover also available for grooms and other equestrian professionals.

For Clubs & Events

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Equestrian Event Insurance

Sorting your insurance needs to be top of the list when arranging an event, whether you run the odd seasonal show, or operate a busy and bustling show ground. It’s only your insurance and sensible measures around the event that will stand between you and a large financial loss if something goes wrong in the lead up to, or on, the day itself.  

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Abandonment & Cancellation Insurance

At Shearwater Insurance we know that organising eventing fixtures takes time and investment.  We also know that these events can be hampered by adverse weather conditions.  Following the removal of the rider funded abandonment insurance, that formed part of the entry fee, Shearwater's equine insurance specialists has searched the market for an effective insurance policy that will offer cost effective and reliable cover for event organisers.

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Riding Club Insurance

The hustle and bustle of lessons, social events welfare training and competitions, make riding clubs a fun and rewarding environment for amateur riders nationwide. The right insurance policy means that you can get just as much of an enjoyable experience in running a horse or pony club, as your members get from joining, by taking away the worry of financial implications if something goes wrong.

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Pony Ride Insurance

Pony rides can bring so much joy to children and many professional equestrians had their first equine experience on a pony ride.With such simple pleasure to be had, it may not have occurred to you to have insurance in place.

Key Elements of Equestrian Liability Insurance

Public Liability

Those of you who run your own equestrian business, no matter how big or small, will understand that horses are dangerous animals and accidents do happen.  Public Liability Insurance is to cover you for any claim made against you by a member of the public for personal injury or property damage.  Examples of the sort of claims equestrian business proprietors can expect are from customers who are injured falling from horses during a lesson, or neighbours who have their gardens damaged by escaping ponies. Although any claimant would have to prove that you were in some way responsible for the incident and therefore liable, it will also cover you for any legal fees incurred in defending yourself against such a claim.

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Employers Liability

If you employ people it is your responsibility to provide them with as safe a working environment as possible. This insurance is designed to cover you for any personal injury claims made against you by an employee who is not a close family member. As with public liability, any claimant would have to prove that you were in some way responsible for the incident and therefore liable.  It will also cover you for any legal fees incurred in defending yourself against such a claim. It is a legal requirement for any employer whether their employees are paid or not. You are required to display your certificate of employers liability insurance at all times

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