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Land Liability Insurance

Your land, your responsibility. Protect it and those on it with the right insurance

Ring fence your land and protect your liabilities

Whether you are leasing your grazing land, or simply enjoying your own space at home, you hold a responsibility to ensure your equestrian property is safe and fit for purpose.  Perhaps you have a small field with one or two horses in, or a block of land with a mix of grazing or arable farming use.

Whichever sounds more like you, animals are unpredictable and accidents can happen, whether it is a case of escapee livestock or equines, or whether it is third party damage caused to the livestock or crops, claims can soon mount up.

Shearwater can help you protect against claims being made against you and provide compensation in the event that an incident, such as injury or damage to property, occurs to a third party, whether you’re allowing other people to use your land and its facilities or not.

As a specialist equestrian broker, you can be sure that your needs will be met with a clear understanding of your requirements. We’ve encountered a colourful variety of claims since our establishment and so we’re well prepared for most eventualities.

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Cover At A Glance

Land Liability cover can be provided for Equine or Farm type land only (used for grazing and/or arable purposes).

Cover excludes Third Party Property damage to Livestock or Crops.

Third party property damage or bodily Injury in respect of the actions of livestock or the escape of livestock.

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