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Horsebox Breakdown Assistance

Nudge your horsebox back into motion with horsebox breakdown assistance.

Specialist Horsebox Breakdown Providers

There are those unhelpful times when your horsebox simply doesn’t want to move. Perhaps this is down to a mechanical fault, or because the battery has drained. Maybe it’s a case of changing the tyre but you don’t have the tools or a spare.

The job of breakdown assistance is to rescue you from your plight as soon as possible. In addition, the assistance team will look to diagnose the issue and, if they can, get your horsebox moving again, or failing that take it to a garage which can.

At Shearwater Insurance, we only work with partners we can rely on 100%, which is why we work with Equine Rescue Services as our breakdown assistance partners.  With a range of policies to suit different needs and budgets, we're confident of providing a reliable service for the times you need it most.

Battery rescue, onward travel and labour can all be included as part of a more comprehensive policy, so you can remain calm even if you find yourself in an unexpected situation.

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Key Features

Key Features

  • Roadside assistance and recovery, ensuring you're not left stranded at the side of the road.
  • 24/7 assistance and support, 365 days a year.
  • At home rescue and yard start, getting you up and running before your journey has even started.
  • Onward transport of horses if your vehicle cannot be fixed roadside.
  • Overnight accommodation for horses and passengers.
  • UK wide breakdown assistance.
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Horsebox Insurance & Breakdown Assistance Under One Roof

Shearwater are able to offer substantial discounts on Horsebox Breakdown Assistance when purchased in conjunction with Horsebox insurance.  Prices, for Horseboxes under 24 tonnes and up to 25 years old, start at £135 per annum.

Explore our Horsebox Insurance online today or speak to a member of Shearwater's experienced and helpful Motor team today - 01992 718666

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At Home Rescue

With battery issues accounting for many non-starters around the UK, breakdown recovery providers often find themselves on the home turf of their callers.

While basic breakdown cover insists you need to be at least a quarter of a mile from the property where the vehicle is registered, at home rescue or yard start cover can offer you help even before you’ve had the chance to set off on your journey.


Not many of us have a UK wide network of licensed and accredited lorry mechanics and recovery experts stored in our phones, just in case we breakdown.  Similarly very few of us have a phone book full of registered horse transporters.

It can be very difficult and expensive to recover a broken down lorry.  In an emergency, your time is far better spent looking after your horses than trying to find specialists to help you.

Where possible, Equine Rescue Services team of licensed and accredited lorry mechanics will try and fix your vehicle at the side of the road.

Should they be unable to diagnose and fix the issue roadside the vehicle will be recovered to a garage.

Priority is always given to the safety and comfort of the horses.  If the horsebox cannot be fixed on the roadside the horses will be recovered by a professional transporter to any UK destination.

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