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Our job at Shearwater, above all else, is to help you better prepare yourself for any unpredictable episodes in your personal or professional life.

That’s not to say that even with preparation, its not difficult to cope with situations beyond your control.

It’s easy to become tangled in a web of confusing small print and misconstrued terms on an ordinary day, let alone if you’ve just received an upsetting diagnosis for your horse, or the first you’ve heard of your company’s accidental environmental breach is a letter from regulators.

This is where expert support from Shearwater comes in. Your assigned account handler will be there to help with your claim by not only offering you step-by-step guidance at a potentially very stressful time, but to gather important information from you for a smoother settlement process, presenting your claim to your insurance provider and negotiating terms on your behalf.

To help them do this, it’s vital that you notify the office as soon as possible after the incident has occurred, even if you’re unsure that the incident will lead to a claim.

From then on, through our prompt, personal and professional claims service, we promise to be there every step of the way at Shearwater, for an outcome you deserve.


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