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Our 25 year lesson in riding school risks

As a Riding School or Trekking Centre Proprietor you need to make sure your establishment is running well and it is also your responsibility to ensure you create a safe environment for staff and customers.  However no matter how careful you are you cannot guarantee that no accidents will happen nor that no one can make a claim against you.  It is therefore essential that you have a comprehensive specialist Insurance Policy in place to protect your livliehood

Trying to pinpoint the right cover, ensuring you have all the cover you want without paying for things you do not need, can be a minefield, as you certainly don’t want to be falling short on essentials.

Before obtaining your riding establishment licence you need to have the correct insurance in place, namely public liability to protect your customers and their property. While this is an essential, there are other cover options that would certainly be useful to you and your business.

Cover is available for:

  • Public liability based on the total number of horses on your premises (including privately owned horses)
  • Care, custody and control for a maximum of £50,000 per horse/£100,000 in aggregate
  • Equestrian land liability
  • Employers liability based on the number of employees, including casual staff.

Cover extensions are also available for:

  • Shows organised by you, at your premises, which are in-house or open to the public
  • Hire of facilities for third party use – e.g. indoor/outdoor arenas and cross-country courses
  • Guest and staff accommodation on the premises
  • Tack shops and/or cafés on the premises
  • Camps and clinics, including for Pony Club or Riding Club
  • Cover for livestock/farm animals/guard dogs or miscellaneous animal liability
  • Freelance instruction for qualified and unqualified instructors, including cover for breaking of horses, grooming, schooling & clipping
  • Lead rein pony and donkey rides, both on and away from your premises

With over 25 years’ of experience in the equine industry, we know all too well at Shearwater that running riding schools and trekking centres can bring a number of risks, as does any business that involves horses, and the right insurance can minimise the chance of financial problems should a claim be made against you.

When it comes to arranging protection for you, your staff, your pupils and your customers at your riding centre, you can trust that our team of experts will make sure you have a package in place that really works for every aspect of your business.

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Schooling essentials

Every horse riding school is unique and offers a different business model for clients. Some run competitions, others have a tack shop or café, and many simply give horse riding lessons or offer trekking. Whatever differentiates them, public liability insurance is the most important element for all of them, and our team of equine specialists can talk you through every available option relevant to your institution to make sure that cover is personal to you.

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Shearwater can take the lead on your trekking centre cover

Not all specialist equine insurance brokers are comfortable with insuring horse trekking centres, for the simple reason that the great outdoors represents unknown risks to horses and pony trekking that could be difficult to contain and pre-empt. Well trodden tracks and terrain may be familiar to you and your horses, but less so to your guest riders who may be of all ages and abilities.

We embrace all aspects of the equestrian industry at Shearwater as that’s what makes life for us so interesting.  Our team would be more than happy to look into the details of your trekking centre so we can pinpoint a trekking insurance policy that’s going to give you, your horses, your staff and riders good protection from stables to the great outdoors.

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