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DIY Livery Liability Insurance

Liability insurance that's tailored to the needs of your DIY livery yard.

Why choose DIY livery yard insurance from Shearwater?

A DIY livery yard offers a simple service for horse owners - a safe place to keep your horse, whilst you take ownership of the care.  For DIY livery yard owners the set up can provide a business opportunity or a supplementary income for those with stables at home.  No matter what your situation, DIY livery liability insurance should be a priority for anyone renting stables to another horse owner.

DIY Livery yard liability insurance, arranged by Shearwater, gives you as the yard owner the opportunity to cover your business simply and effectively, so you can be confident that behind the scenes of your bustling enterprise, you’ve got the right protection in place.

Cover is available for:

  • Public liability based on the total number of horses on your premises (including privately owned horses)
  • Care, custody and control for a maximum of £50,000 per horse/£100,000 in aggregate
  • Equestrian land liability
  • Employers liability based on the number of employees, including casual staff.

Cover extensions are also available for:

  • Shows organised by you, at your premises, which are in-house or open to the public
  • Hire of facilities for third party use – e.g. indoor/outdoor arenas and cross-country courses
  • Guest and staff accommodation on the premises
  • Tack shops and/or cafés on the premises
  • Camps and clinics, including for Pony Club or Riding Club
  • Cover for livestock/farm animals/guard dogs or miscellaneous animal liability
  • Freelance instruction for qualified and unqualified instructors, including cover for breaking of horses, grooming, schooling & clipping
  • Lead rein pony and donkey rides, both on and away from your premises

Shearwater has many years of experience when it comes to understanding the requirements of a livery yard owner. The result is a range of insurance policies designed specifically for protecting you as the owner, along with your staff and your customers. From riding instructors and livery yards to stud farms, Shearwater specialise in finding insurance solutions designed to protect you and help ensure you and your business financially covered.

Taking responsibility for your livery yard

You’re liable for your premises, whatever size. Having insurance in place means that if someone is injured on your premises or their property gets damaged, you could be covered for what otherwise could be a great expense.

In receiving payment for the care of other people’s horses, you become in part responsible, and liable, for their welfare. A policy arranged by Shearwater can include the option of Livery yard liability including care, control and custody for all the horses on your premises.

Small Business Insurance from Shearwater Insurance

We can help you to overcome a range of common business problems, for example:

  • you need expert legal advice quickly
  • a dispute with an employee escalates and can’t be resolved
  • you receive notice of an enquiry into your tax or VAT returns
  • a Health & Safety inspection ends with a threat to prosecute your business
  • a neighbouring business restricts access to your premises
  • your business attracts adverse publicity which threatens to damage your reputation and you need PR advice

Available from £49.00 per year.

Speak to a member of our team about adding it on to your policy.

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