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Agricultural Vehicles Insurance

Who would have thought your private car and combine harvester could come under the same policy? 

One policy to fit all

For all the vehicles on your farm, each is likely to serve a very specific purpose, and this needs to be considered when arranging insurance. Are the vehicles in question ever used on the road? Are they small enough to be spirited away by thieves, or so cumbersome that they’re at a greater risk of causing damage to third party property?

Agricultural vehicles collectively present these diverse risks, which is why we at Shearwater can present an insurance option dedicated to them alone.

  • Trailers and goods
  • Hired in vehicles
  • Legal liability covering injury or death
  • Comprehensive or third party
  • Theft cover

At Shearwater, we don’t presume to know which vehicles you use on your farm. Having worked with agricultural businesses of varying operations for over 20 years we know better. We’re not just talking tractors and combine harvesters; agricultural vehicles can include cranes, excavators, diggers, forklift trucks and All Terrain Vehicles (ATVs).

Rather than insuring all of these vehicles individually, which would take considerable time and effort, an agricultural vehicle insurance policy can cover them, alongside any private cars you own under one policy; an option which could even work out cheaper.

tractor insurance from shearwater insurance

Taking it off road

If you have vehicles that you know are never going to set a tyre on the road, then you can declare it SORN (Statutory Off Road Notification) to the Driver & Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) so it’s not insured for Road Traffic Act cover. However if at any point you do use your vehicle on the road, even if only briefly, it must be insured at least for third party road risks.

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Keeping machinery in check

Some of your vehicles may come under laws governing their inspection; if they are air compressors or lifting equipment such as a forklift truck, for example. If you have any vehicles that fall into this category then we can look into the possibility of arranging a farm vehicle insurance policy which features engineering inspection, or put you in contact with an approved engineer ourselves.

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Key Cover

Replacement keys or locksmiths can be very expense.  Key cover provides insurance cover for lost or stolen keys and you also have cover if you lock your keys in your home or vehicle and require a locksmith to gain entry.

All for a low cost price of £16.50

Speak to one of the Shearwater team today about adding this on to your policy.

Small Business Insurance from Shearwater Insurance

For £37.50 adding on Motor Legal Insurance could save you £1000s in the event of an accident or dispute.

This policy is designed to cover the cost of professional fees charged by a solicitor following a specific occurrence, provided that cover for that occurrence is detailed within the policy wording and not specifically excluded.

For more information speak to a member of the Shearwater team today.

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