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Pony Ride Insurance

Got all your ponies lined up and ready to go? With the right insurance, you, your ponies and your customers can all enjoy the ride

How we insure your pony rides

Pony rides can bring so much joy to children and many professional equestrians had their first equine experience on a pony ride.With such simple pleasure to be had, it may not have occurred to you to have insurance in place.

But even a pony who you know is calm and reliable can be spooked by a stray balloon or a sudden blast through a speaker system. If your rider falls off as a result and injures themselves, then you could have a problem on your hands.

  • Public liability
  • Employers' liability
  • Legal expenses

A pony ride insurance policy arranged by Shearwater is simple and effective. It will help cover you for public liability, so anyone who suffers an injury can be compensated without impacting on your finances, and legal expenses if a claim dispute does draw you into legal proceedings.

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Novice riders

You could be offering pony rides at a local fair, or a birthday celebration – either way you’re responsible for the welfare of your riders and those around your ponies. Those taking part may not be as aware of the risks around falling off a horse or understand how unpredictable ponies can be as you are.


pony ride insurance - shearwater insurance

Losing the rein

If you are proven to have been negligent after an accident, say if one of your riders falls or a member of the public is knocked down by a bolting pony, you could be liable for a large sum in litigation and compensation expenses, not to mention any defence costs that have been laid down before any legal conclusion has been reached.

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