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Horse Trailer Insurance

Your horse trailer is much more than an extension of your vehicle. Treat it so with the right insurance.

Specialist Horse Trailer Insurance

Don’t settle for the basics, specialist horse trailer insurance is what you need.

Any form of equine transport should be fully protected by a specialist equestrian insurer. At Shearwater Insurance, we’ve been helping to keep horse trailer owners on the road for over 20 years. We understand the risks involved, and how peace of mind when travelling horses is so very important.

A policy arranged by us will take into consideration the fact that you may be transporting other people’s horses, in which case care, custody and control insurance should be included.

trailer insurance Shearwater Insurance

Key Features

Key Features

Damage, Fire & Theft

  • loss or damage to your horse trailer
  • accidental damage or malicious damage
  • fire
  • theft

Fire & Theft Only

  • Loss or damage to your horse trailer caused by fire, lightening, self-ignition, explosion, theft or attempted theft

Additional Benefits

  • unlimited glass and window replacement
  • unlimited replacement locks
trailer insurance Shearwater Insurance

Broaden your horizons

Competitions and other engagements can call you further afield, and your horse trailer can be covered for a limited time while abroad.

You just need to make our team aware of where you’re going, and how long for, and we’ll arrange this extension for you, providing it’s not within an excluded territory.

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Horsebox Insurance

Looking for insurance on something a little larger?

At Shearwater we have specialist policies available for all shapes and sizes, from 3.5t to HGV.


You don't legally have to have a separate policy for a trailer.  This is because during its use, when it is attached to a car that is insured sufficiently, your trailer is covered by third party liability.  This means if you cause any damage to property or other vehicles you will be insured.  However, this will not cover for theft or damage to the trailer itself.  It is therefore always advisable to take out a separate insurance policy to protect yourself in the event that it's stolen or involved in an accident.

The trailer itself is covered no matter who is towing it, with the owner's permission, providing they are insured on the vehicle they are towing it with.

This would be covered when attached to a private car under the "towing risk" section of the client's policy wording, or it could be specified on the private car policy.

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