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Well hello strangers! I'm sorry its been so long since I've written my blog but the last couple of months have been very hard with decisions needing to be made which I never expected to have to be making again so soon.

So, let's go back to May where for the first time I went to compete at Hartpury in a Grade V Para dressage test. It was a very warm day and I let my nerves take over a little bit but with the support of Sir Lee Pearson in the warm up, who I have had the pleasure of meeting on a couple of occasions I settled myself and was pleased to secure 2nd place.
I was also lucky enough to have a name I suggested in a competition to Mount St John selected for one of their 2019 foals. On the 18th May I was kindly invited to their open day to see my named foal MSJ Vanquish. A truly beautiful facility with so many stunning happy foals, I felt incredibly lucky to have been given the opportunity to visit and meet Emma Blundell.
And then the hardest day ever! On the 31 May my trainer and beautiful Hugo left Abbey Dressage to start a new life in Wiltshire. Hugo left looking stunning in his Shearwater rug. Hugo left to continue his dressage training but a view to possibly having to be sold due to his size.
Daniel Bates at Hartpury with Sir Lee Pearson
But I had to pull myself back together as the day after I returned to Hartpury again to compete and secured 2nd place again.
June started with a trip to Allens Hill with me getting a 1st place in another Grade V test but with me knowing another huge decision was on the horizon.
LittleMan was only ever on loan to me and with me no longer having a trainer at Abbey Dressage it was decided he needed to be returned to his owner. So with no trainer and no horse, what was i going to do?
I did go to Talland School of Equitation for a couple of weeks to continue my training but the 200 mile round trip proved to be to much to do daily so again I was facing decisions.....
And then it was as if fate had intervened!
*Back in April I met International Dressage rider Matt Frost at a dressage clinic at Priory Farm Equestrian and saw a beautiful fresian horse called Lizzie who was owned by Priory Farm Equestrian owner Felicity Glenister. She offered me the chance to ride Lizzie, which I did in May*
For several reasons it was decided Hugo should not remain in Wiltshire with my old trainer so it was decided to remove him from sale and to bring him home to Staffordshire.
It was then my guardian angel in the shape of Felicity Glenister of Priory Farm Equestrian came to my rescue. She had just had a stable become available and offered to take Hugo but in addition to this she said I could ride Lizzie as I no longer had a competition horse.
So on the 16 June, Hugo came home to Staffordshire. It is fantastic to have him back with us looking amazing and being the superstar he has always been.
So, I am now based at Priory Farm Equestrian with Felicity Glenister training me but also having access to a wealth of dressage knowledge from the dressage instructors who regularly hold clinics on the yard.
Hugo is continuing his schooling but a decision on any future sale is on hold in case I can form a relationship with him and something special could happen, but i"ll keep you updated on our progress.
Unfortunately I've had to take a step back from competing whilst I build a new relationship with Lizzie but will be back out soon and my comeback will be stronger.
I've always said things happen for a reason but im looking forward to new challenges. 

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