What should I do if I breakdown with horses onboard?

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With Winter here don’t risk getting stuck out in the cold without breakdown insurance.  Whether you’re in your own personal car, horsebox or car and trailer, our expert motoring team share 5 key pieces of advice on how to cope in the event of a motoring breakdown.

1. Safety First

If you’re on the road when a breakdown occurs seek the first available place to stop.  A verge, a hard shoulder, or a gateway (if you’re not fully obstructing it) are ideal.


2. Warn & Inform

In the first instance switch on your hazard lights to warn other road users.  If safe to do so place a warning triangle 45m behind the vehicle.  If you are in a dangerous position inform the Police and Highways Agency by calling 999 or 112.


3. Call Your Breakdown Provider

Always make sure you carry your breakdown policy details with you.  In order to streamline your breakdown process, ensure that you have the following details to hand when you make the call:

  • Name and policy number
  • ID – a bank card or driving licence is ideal
  • Vehicle make, model and registration
  • Exact location, including the road name and closest junction. Using an app like What3Word could help give further information
  • Phone number you’re calling from
  • Cause of the breakdown so the right sort of assistance can be arranged


4. Keep Calm

As much as breaking down is a stressful situation, try to stay as calm as possible.  Check that your horses, should they be with you, have access to hay and water, ventilation and the relevant rugs.  Avoid getting them off the lorry at all costs, unless there are concerns that the vehicle is not safe to inhabit.


5. Stay Safe

If you’re stranded on the motorway or a busy road it is recommended that passengers stay outside of the vehicle, on a verge away from other traffic.  Never use the doors closest to the traffic and always think of your safety first.  We recommend keeping a Hi-Viz jacket in your vehicle in case of emergencies.


Shearwater Insurance can offer both Car, Trailer, and specialist Horsebox breakdown policies. Car breakdown insurance offers support from the RAC from £57 a year.  Policies include roadside repair or at home support, onward travel and/or accommodation for up to passengers, a courtesy car and European support. 


Horsebox breakdown policies are available from as little as £84 a year, with cover provided by Equine Rescue Services.  A small price to pay for peace of mind.  Policies include home start, for those frosty mornings when batteries fail, onward travel for you and your horses, and overnight accommodation and livery where necessary.

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