Cover in the event of a catastrophe

In our ever increasingly uncertain world, it is inevitable that we will look to save costs where we can.  Reducing your insurance cover may feel like an obvious place to start, but could you take the hit should the worst happen?  Equestrian insurance specialists, Shearwater Insurance now offer Equine Catastrophe Insurance as a more cost-effective option for horse owners.


Equine Catastrophe Insurance could be a win-win situation.  Veterinary fee cover for accidental external injuries and other covered perils, such as colic surgery.  Unlike other catastrophe cover providers, Shearwater also include Catastrophe Mortality cover as standing, meaning should the worst happen, as a result of an accidental external injury or covered peril, you’ll receive the fair market value of the horse, up to the sum insured.


What is meant by ‘covered peril’?  The term relates to the different scenarios and/or situations covered by the insurance policy.  These include colic surgery, joint or tendon sheath flushing as a result of Sepsis, and surgery for pastern and pedal bone fractures, all of which carry a hefty price tag from veterinary practices.


Catastrophe Insurance offers a more cost-effective alternative to traditional horse insurance and is a welcome relief for worried owners.  With up to £6,000 worth of vet’s fees cover available, from as little as £325 per year, can you afford to take the risk?


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