Shearwater's Search for a Star Daniel Bates - First solo canter

Daniel Bates Dressage

We catch up with Shearwater Insurance's new star Daniel Wilson on what he has been up to over Easter

Hello everyone,

Hope you all had a fabulous Easter, I am still working my way through my eggs but I thought I'd give you an update of what I've been up too.

After my first blog, March 2018 brought a huge step forward in my training. On the 10 March, I attended a Confidence Building Clinic which was being held by my trainer and cantered with Wilson off the lunge. It may seem like a small step to many riders but when you can't really see where your going its a big step to take and needed me to have the confidence in Wilson and true to form my boy didn't let me down and looked after me every step of the way. I was so proud of this achievement and that other people on the yard that day got to see me do it.

I can't not mention the weather!

It hasn't stopped me. I've been training in the wind, rain and even snow at times. My poor trainer John Biggs has ended up on many occassion looking like a drowned rat and Wilson has been less than impressed at times at having to get wet, but soon forgave me when I got the carrots out. At least I can say I'm definitely not a fair weather rider.

I've been doing lots of polework clinics which are really benefiting my balance and Wilson's outline and riding test riding clinics to prepare me for the season ahead and I'm currently working on my sitting trot which I need to perfect to ride my grade V Para Dressage tests, so we'll see how that goes over the next month.

I need to say what a very lucky young man I am. I have such great parents who 18 months ago brought me Wilson and for my 18 birthday last year surprised me with another horse who was only 2 years old and was bred by my trainer, who I hope to be introducing you too soon and I'm hoping he'll one day be my Paralympic dressage horse. They financially support me so that I can concentrate on riding and drive me to every lesson and clinic. I really couldnt be living my dream without them.

I hope the rest of April brings you all some sunshine and May is going to bring some exciting times which I look forward to updating you on soon.


Daniel and Horse

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