Everything Happens For A Reason

Im so sorry I've been so quiet over the past few months but I have some fantastic news.
As you will remember in my last blog I had moved to a beautiful yard called Priory Farm Equestrian near Stafford in Staffordshire and was riding a lovely horse called Lizzie.
Little did I know what was about to happen and the opportunity I was going to be given but when people said to me 'Everything happens for a reason' they couldn't of been more right!
I was busy training with Felicity Glenister's Lizzie when a horse became available to purchase. I wasn't looking to buy another horse as we had still got Hugo and after some vet guidance we decided to give him 12 months holiday but he was going to remain with us at Priory Farm so he could receive the best care but financally it was not what we had expected, we were going to sell Hugo and then purchase. 
But, even more of a shock the horse that became avaliable was already at Priory Farm. We weren't sure if the combination would work as she could be quite sassy and we weren't sure if she would be too hot for me but I needed to know in my heart that I'd tried and if it wasn't right then it wasn't meant to be.
So on a Sunday morning in August I met Peggy who is trained to Elementary/Medium level in Dressage. I prepared myself for a sassy opinionated mare but what I got was something very different.
Its like Peggy knew she had to take care of me. She was quiet and calm and foot perfect. She behaved impeccably and there was a definite connection and after only one ride my parents offered to buy her for me for which I am eternally grateful. Peggy is a dream mare and gives me 110% everytime I ride her.
I did have to take a step back from competing but am pleased to say I will be back out in January 2020. I decided that with a new horse came a new start. My parents kindly supported this decision and took me to Flying Changes to have a custom made jacket made, they purchased me a new hat to match my new competition colours and from competing at Prelim level in February this year I will be going out in January 2020 to compete at Elementary level.
Felicity Glenister who owns Priory Farm Equestrian has spent so much time training me and Peggy. She encourages me on every training session. The whole team at Priory are amazing and I'm lucky to have found them when I thought Id lost everything. Im also lucky to have access to a selection of fantastic trainers including Matt Frost and Rui Campeo on a monthly basis.
Hugo is doing great, getting bigger by the day, he's only 4 and wears a 7'3 rug but he's a gentle giant and im hoping giving him the time to grow will let him come back stronger next year but at the moment he's a very handsome lawn mower ūüėā but couldnt be better looked after.
I'm hoping that next time Im in touch I will about to or will have been out to compete at a level I thought was still years away. 2020 is going to be quite a year and I'm looking forward to embracing every moment of it.
See you soon guys x

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