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With the Summer show season in full swing riders and owners alike are spending more time on the road.  Travelling horses often raises several questions, from what type of insurance is needed, and what should I do in the event of a breakdown? The Shearwater equine motoring team tackle some of our your most frequently asked questions in relation to travel.

What kind of insurance do I need for my horsebox?

Horsebox insurance varies in levels however most people choose to take out a fully comprehensive policy. Ensure your cover fits all your requirements and look at the excess you will be paying to ensure it is affordable in the event of a claim. As a money saving tip, check your yearly mileage as insurance companies offer a ‘limited mileage policy’ which means if you are doing less than 5,000 miles a year your premium could drop to as much as half of the cost.

What should I do in the event of a breakdown?

Every horse owner’s worst nightmare – breaking down in a horsebox or trailer, on a busy road, with horses on board.  A few simple tips can help make your breakdown experience much less stressful.

  1. Stay safe & keep calm – find the first available safe space to pull over, a verge or a hard shoulder, and keep as calm as possible.  Check the horses on board and ensure they have access to water, forage, and good ventilation.
  2. Warn & inform – switch your hazard lights on to warn other road users, and if safe to do so place a warning triangle 45m behind the vehicle.  If you are concerned about your location inform the Police and Highways Agency by calling 999 or 112.
  3. Establish where you are – using an app such as What3Words can help recovery teams, and the police, attend your location much more quickly.
  4. Call your breakdown provider – ensure you carry the details with you.  To streamline the process, we recommend having the details stored on your phone and on a separate card in your purse, wallet or glovebox, and ensure you have the policy number, vehicle make and model and registration number written down.

Do I really need separate breakdown cover?

Having a specialist breakdown policy that provides cover for onward travel for you and your horses is strongly advised.  Getting you back on the road as quickly, and as safely, as possible is our number one priority. 

Shearwater Insurance offer a range of affordable and reliable breakdown policies for trailers and horseboxes, from as little as £84 per year, supported by Equine Rescue Services. Personal motor services from the RAC are also available from £57 a year, including roadside repair, onward travel and/or accommodation for up to passengers and European support.

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